Let’s talk Booty..

So this post has been requested so I got right too it.. any other requests comment below..

all about dat booty, bum, buttocks, ass, junk, trunk, bootylicious let’s talk booty; so you want gorgeous buttocks!?

I have a major tip for you! Resistance Bands!

  • What is a resistance band? A resistance band is an elastic band used for strength training, it can also be used for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
  • The elastic bands can also be referred to as banded work, glute bands and resistance bands. they come is different strengths so some are harder to work with that others the idea is that you use these to pull certain body parts away from others or away from gravity and depending on which type of strength band you have affects the difficulty level.
  • For example at Gymchicks  i have a red band, a green, a grey and a black. The easiest to use is the red then green then grey and then the black is the strongest it is the thickest material and hardest to use. see pictures below.
  • Who can use these?
    anyone and everyone, they are used for so many ranges of exercises that the finest of the fittest people can use them and feel the benefits and then as they range in strength they can be used for disabled people going through rehabilitation with not the greatest strength in them.
  • When can they be used?
    they can be used as part of your normal workout routine or rehabilitation routine they are so easy to be used at home and in the gym, easy to travel with you and easy to buy i bought the set of 3 below on eBay for just 6 pounds.
  • Why should we use them?
    many of you can use these for mini strength activities instead of using heaving weights and also just to add variety to your workout. I like to use my band for my booty gains haha, well i love a variety of butt workouts, i love the barbells and dumbbells but i like to use the bands for tension work. any one heard of glute activation?
  • Well its basically a warm up for your butt muscles, it creates tension in the butt which you then work on creating a hard workout and the jelly leg feel, after i have used these i always feel like i have had a good workout, i do get DOMS which i love (delayed onset muscle soreness) knowing i have worked my ass of literally! but knowing i have got my butt muscle fired up creating a lovely booty workout using the bands, i keep the bands in my workout routines a lot, the main things i like to do are crab walks with these, bridges, squats and pulses all with these bands. i know this is very hard to take in when your not sure about those types of movements and activities so i will do another blog post on these moves and more and how to train the booty very soon. But leave any major questions below please..

hope you found this post interesting and informative and hope your looking forward to the next booty post!
much love Jx

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