Primark Haul

Primark Princess here; yes I love a good spending spree in Primark the stuff keeps getting better and better each time I go I think too!

– so I don’t know if many of you now but I use to have acrylics all the time I loved them but then they started hurting my nails and damaging my nail beds so now I just use these sticks on ones for special occasions I’ve had so many beautiful sets, matt, velvet, glitter monochrome and they are all either £1 or £2 it’s amazing. The ones I got recently are the glitter silver set. – glue of course to put the nails on.. these were only 60p for 2!

– next a hair clip I love these big chunk easy clips I always wear them when I can’t be bothered to do my hair for £1.59 it’s a bargain too and this shiny gold is a beaut colour. -£2 bargain here, these are ready for when I move house but hangers. I love hangers I don’t like anything being on the floor I got them in silver so they will match anything. They hang over the top of the doors and you can hang coats, towels and whatever you need to on them and the door still closes! Love them.

– well this is my favourite buy probably of all time. I love velvet but oh my gosh the peep toe boot heels are amazing. Whatever the price I would have got them but as my feet are super tiny and all my sizes are always left I can get them for cheap and this time for bloody £3!! Still can’t get over this bargain! Primark reduction at its best. – ok I’m not a massive make up girl/queen I barely know what I’m doing but I sure know I like to apply my make up with these blenders sponges they make the make up look so much nicer. I got two for £1.50. I chose these colours too so I can see the make up in them and know when they need a clean rather than a clear pale or skin like colour and just let the dirt or make up build up. Below that are some face gems which I am planning to use at Halloween on my face unsure when or if I’m having a Halloween party etc but I loved them.

– here we have 3 beautiful chokers for 50p what a bargain the pink one again is velvet and the denim thick one is probably my favourite. – ok so I’m pretty obsessed with velvet products at the moment: I got these three hair bands for £1.59. They are so cute colours and super soft. I also got a new hair brush for a £1 as my old one was starting to die off. – items for my new house 50p for ear cleaners lol and £3 for a clear storage unit to go in my new bathroom. This does get me excited. – next my £1.50 shower cap which is water proof on one side and fluffy warm and cosy on the hair side. Bright pink and it’s gorgeous.

– Tampax compact perl; now my girls know how expensive these are but 90p in Primark! Buzzing. Hate being a girl but these prices make it better.

– And the full look lashes. Most of the time these lashes don’t really suit me but I thought I would try again this weekend with the full look set for a £1 it’s worth a try!!

Thank you for reading my different and unusual post today let me know if you like these items and any of your latest bargains from Primark or any shops!

Much Love J x

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