Blimey Braces – Finished 

Say what?! Say.. a massive thank you to Alex and all the girls at YouSmile dental care team in Market Rasen.. – (You Smile Dental Care & Fastbraces – Lincoln – Orthodontics, Straight Teeth- Facebook link)

Well well well. It’s happened. The time is up. It’s all done. In under a year too! Crazy how times flies crazy how scared I was and how ‘unbrave’ and ‘unconfident’ I was now… everyone smile with me cause I can’t stop smiling!

And so many people have been asking about my treatment so I thought I would do a little run down. But any more questions please feel free to message me or leave a comment below angels.

So.. ??

Who? – so I went with ‘you smile’ dental care in Market Rasen, Alex the orthodontist there is amazing, kind, caring and a perfectionist!

What? – I had upper and lower fast braces, with filing, polish, scale, removal and fixed retainers all in my deal for an amazing price of £2000.

I also had extra filling treatment not included.

When? – I got my first referral in the September 2016, then October 2016 they were on.. now October 2017 they are off.

Why? – I always had a weird feeling about my teeth there were never awful but very fang like, bumpy and I felt like they need to come out of my gum more (and that is exactly what has happened)

Result? I’m so happy with the way it went. The pain which you can read about in my other blogs was hard but so worth it. I can’t stop smiling today. See many pictures below.

Let me know if you any questions you have..

Much Love J x

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