Time off from training?

Time Off?

Are you worried your time off from training will affect your gains? Will affect your weight loss. Stop. No. Don’t panic.

So I came across this Instagram page with some great advice! See picture below.

Basically pages such as @sam_xceedfit and @shredbyscience give so much information on how the body, training and food works. I must say I also love @laurentickner for this and her tickners tips and also @caloriecomparing too. Check them out.

But one I wanted to focus on today was taking time off training. When my clients say they are going on holiday and they can’t come training and they won’t be able to train on holiday they panic and I wonder why?

Here are my tips and advice to panic less about having time off from training.

  1. You will not lose all of your ‘gains’ muscle will not just fall off you in a matter of days/weeks.
  2. All your strength will not just disappear! You will not become weak over night.
  3. You won’t have to start from the very beginning when you return. Don’t think ah I have been lifting 10kg. Now I will have to start from 1kg again. No you may have to tamper down slightly to help against getting an injury but only to like 7 or 8kg and once the muscles are aware you are training again you will be up and even above 10kg again.
  4. Time of training can actually be very beneficial. Your muscles and body can rest, grown and any niggles or pain can actually recover and you can get back to training even better.
  5. Most athletes in the fitness world, running and weight lifting; will take a week off every 3/4 months to give their body a full week off to recover. In the running world some athletes can have 4 or 6 weeks off completely to help all those running niggles fade away. It can actually help athletes once they return to training. They can feel stronger physically and mentally.
  6. If it doesn’t work for you physically and you do feel weaker after returning just think of the mental benefits think of how your mind can take a break from planning, preparing and sometimes worrying/stressing about training.
  7. It is important to know the difference between needing rest and being lazy. If you are feeling stressed, sleepy, and your nutrition is not on great form, your emotional and you may just need recuperation and you probably need rest so take it.
  8. Just a note if you are working both on aerobics and weight/resistance training and you take time off from working out, you will see your endurance decrease quickest but you hold on to your strength gains longer. Vo2 and aerobic strength decreases a lot faster so if your worried as a runner you should think of less time off than a weightlifter.
  9. Basically our muscles contain nuclei which is basically muscle memory when you have time off from training and you go back to lifting etc your body remembers it doesn’t just simply forget and after 3-5 sessions back to lifting weights and at the gym you could be lifting the same weight as before.
  10. So to conclude today’s post. Just stop stressing. You will not lose all that you have worked for in a few days or couple of weeks. Keep mindful of what you are doing how you are training and when you are resting. As you can see resting is necessary and so is training so a combination of the two is important for growth and repair.

Thanks again for reading another post.

Much Love J x

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