Brace life days on.. (the rubbish no one tells you)

So I am coming to the end of my fast brace treatment woooop I mean can I get a woop woop (I deserve it!)

Today’s post is on the rubbish that they don’t tell you while you are having treatment. Yes it’s great, it’s hard work but it’s great and as everyone reminds me it will all be worth it. But let’s face it we have to climb a pretty high mountain before you reach the top.

  1. Time some people are longer than others but it takes time, day in day out, something in your mouth, in your personal space it can be tough. Some people have them for a few months like my boyfriend had them for 11 months then a friend of mine had them for 9 years! It’s your teeth that choose and you have no control.
  2. That takes us into number two. You have no choose. Every ones teeth take time, take shape at a different time just like anything. So the waiting game is not much fun.
  3. Dribble now many of us dribble at night I mean, as we are sleeping away we wake up to the crispy shit stiuck to our pillow and faces now I know there are some out there that have that too well I am a ‘dribbler’ and once you have braces the dribble is never the same again. You wish it was! It turns into blood! Like pure blood I wake up looking like I’ve been attacked and have to wash my sheets so many times a week. Nightmare!
  4. Laughing and smiling is never th same. Catching your lips on your brackets every time you open your mouth, the mouth ulcers are real! The sores the brackets cause before your mouth adapts is sore! Smiling is just a pain as your lips don’t know what to do where to rest and you end up looking like a retarded frog. 🐸
  5. Brackets hurt so they give you wax. Which you have to rip up, roll into a ball and place on that particular bracket it is rubbish this is the same for all teeth wax it rolls up like a mouldy ball of fluff then last two seconds on your bracket relieving no pain. And then it just falls off. I literally used this once in these eleven months.
  6. Bumping into things. Ok so you bump into a door or you drop your phone on your face yes normally this is pretty painful and annoying anyway but when you have metal bars in your mouth it hurts an extra amount! I felt all my teeth shudder like your eating sour sweets.
  7. Collecting food in your teeth and brackets now this is particularly well known – when you eat just brush your teeth after everything; cause it sticks like glue. Your forever trying to pick it out or getting told you have a little something in your teeth. In the end I started covering my teeth with my lips and mouth after I ate all the time as I dreaded the idea of it all on show.
  8. Brushing and flossing. Well flossing is a no. Of course brushing is harder work than normal. You have to brush the teeth you can see then your brackets. Round them and then on top and then in and out with tiny little toothbrushes. It’s a longer brushing process but they need it.
  9. Bands twanging as you are applying. I hated this the most. During fast braces I had the day bands and night time ones one is a triangle shape the other is an inverted ‘w’ putting them on and stretching them over your bracket was tricky I was always catching my skin because of course they are elastic bands and they would ping wherever it makes me so angry at night time lol.
  10. And number ten is quite nice. The amount of compliments you actually receive from having braces is amazing.. I felt so self conscious at the start but everyone was so kind and complimentary that I got use to them. But I’m on the countdown now and they will soon be off.
  • Thanks again for reading another blog post!

Much love J

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