You should go and love yourself…

As Justin Bieber said you should go and love yourself. And you so should, you don’t need no one else to love you. Just accept yourself…

So do you ask yourself most days why? Do you look in the mirror and hate yourself? Do you compare yourself to others all the time? And doubt your abilities and the way you look?

Well your not alone. Most people do.

Let’s go over self love tips as I think some people need to. This is just a simple recap of my post from a few weeks back please check out the blog post called –

Top tips – self love.

But yes here we have it in short.

  1. Eat nutritiously.
  2. Exercise lovingly.
  3. Take Some Time to Breathe.
  4. Sleep well.
  5. Define Beauty in yourself.
  6. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.
  7. Celebrate Your Wins.
  8. Become mindful.
  9. Practice good self-care.
  10. Have healthy social interactions.
  11. Love hard.
  12. Set boundaries.
  13. Protect yourself.
  14. Forgive yourself.
  15. Be selfish sometimes.
  16. Live intentionally.
  17. Identify qualities you admire.
  18. Smile everyday.

Hope these tips help you guys out. Always

love yourself for you..

Much Love J x

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