Training Abroad 

Hello again angels..

Hope your all well and enjoying your Summer.

As you know I’ve just recently got back from two weeks in Portugal where me and my family go every year and soak up all the sun we can get as the UK doesn’t often offers us much of that. We had an amazing time it gets better each time and it’s so very beautiful it truly is my second home I’ve been coming every year since 2006 so 11 years now and I adore the place.

As many of you may know I’m an athlete and love to train all day everyday day obviously I don’t do that and I don’t do that abroad either I like to chill relax and enjoy my holiday cause of course it’s my holiday but I couldn never stop training all together and training abroad warm weather training they call it has many benefits to an athletes body. I have written several blog posts before on warm weather training and training time you can see from this time last year but just to briefly remind you on what I do and the ket benefits I thought I would write a new one for this year.

hot, sweaty, tired but still got a smile..

This is so me.

Things I love about training abroad;

  1. Getting up early – (to not catch the heat that is to hot)- this is great early morning run great to start the day the mind and the motivation.
  2. No rain – no rain to stop me running outside i can just enjoy the fresh air
  3. Warm weather helps muscles – cold weather tightens muscle and can increase injury.
  4. Views – psychologically its great seeing the sea, cliffs, villas, sun and happy people its great to see when running – Helps the mind!
  5. Vitamin D – helps up your vitamin D levels for those running inside always, you will feel happier, the benefits are brill from running outside in the fresh air and bright sunshine.
  6. Air – the air in portugal feels very different when breathing in over there it can feel like hard work and running can feel very tough, but the benefits occur when you return home and go out running in our UK air it feels easier it feels like you can get more air in!? (strange i know but try it..)
  7. Cliffs/hills- the cliffs and hills are hard work while you are doing them but then when you return home to where i live the land is loads flatter, then the running feels easier this is becuase your body has adapted and you have got stronger.
  8. One thing i did have to make sure is that i drank loads and had my electrolyte tablets i didnt want to be dehydrated thankfully i only got cramp once on holiday so i’m chuffed with that. Haha considering it was two weeks lots of training, super hot and lots sweating. (Eww)
  9. Altitude – running at alititude has an affect on your cardiovascular system it does help you become stronger once your back in England and not running at altitude.
  10. So any athlete or runner reading my blog today i thoroughly reccomend a warm weather training break, for training, muscles, cardio, and as you have read so much more.
  • I love it and look forward to it so very much! thank you for reading guys…

Much Love J x

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