IAAF Atheltics World Champs

Well wow. How do I start? Let’s look at my status from that day..

“Had an amazing day at the Athletics and thank you Papa❤️Had an amazing time in an amazing atmosphere. Usain you are so loved. I adore you and your amazing personality ‘no hats of to Gatlin’ he is a cheat.. he always will be; once caught they should be banned for life.. not about the winning it’s just the fact I hate cheats so very much. Thank you Usain for all your entertainment, well done to KJT, LM, JJ and my friend Charlotte Taylor so proud to be British 🇬🇧💜⚡️✌🏼#amazingismyword #whataday

Check my mini YouTube video out at this link https://youtu.be/yRzpteukeF4

So my day began with a train journey to London around 3pm from Peterborough to londons kings cross then we took another train to the Olympic park itself. Which has a massive shopping mall too which I didn’t realise.

We spent a lot of time walking. We looked at all the mini stores and shops within the athletics parks see pictures below. The whole atmosphere was amazing.

Surrounded by people that also love athletics and share the same passions is amazing.

The park was filled with so so many people. People were just everywhere. I bought some merchandise a iaaf t shirt and I entered a few competitions to win a chance to attend more athletics events. Let’s hope I win!

We then went into the stadium. The amount of people inside all stood and sat ready for the athletic was incredible. Such a sight to see. The track was clear but some of the field events had already began.

Once we sat down with some food the events began. He is a list of the vents in order – we went to the evening event which began at 7pm we had the heptathlon shot put then the 100 metres semi final, we had the men’s discus throw and the 1,500 metres for the women. At 8pm the men’s long jump began which was a very long event. And then we had the women’s 10,000 metres which is the event I do and I found very exciting. We then had the 200 metres for the women’s heptathlon and then the big one the 100 metres final for the men!! Which was just mental. The whole event finished at 10pm.

I shall not go into detail for each event but I will talk about some and some of the people that we got to see. So of course we saw the main man Usain Bolt. We saw Reece Prescod for GB and Justin Gatlin for the USA. We got to see Jessica Judd, Caster Semenya, Laura Muir, Laura Weightman, Sarah McDonald, Jenifer Simpson and Genzebe Dibaba. I got to watch my friend Charlotte Taylor who competed in the 10,000 metres. I trained with her at one point in my life and now she was living it up with all the famous athletes I was so proud and so jealous. She ran alongside Jess Martin and Beth Potter. But all eyes were on Almaz Ayana who won and actually lapped some! I also got to see my all time fave after Jessica Ennis of course Katrina Johnson Thompson’s compete in the 200 metres and the shot put for the heptathlon.

The whole event/day was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one. So many emotions run around me at these events. I did leave the stadium crying. I will briefly touch on this as some may disagree but I adore athletics the sport is my passion and I believe if you are caught cheating and using drugs that are banned; you should be disqualified for life. No going back.

Usain Bolt’s last ever race was here on this night. Justin Gatlin of the USA has been caught twice for drug use and competed too he beat Usain in this particular race. Now it’s not that Usain didn’t win that upset me it’s the fact he was beat by a cheat. And Usain is no cheat he is true to the sport.

It upsets me that Gatlin is allowed to race and it may come out again that he cheated on this night and thBolt will gain another medal which he should have got when I was there. Gatlin got many boo’s when I was there the crowd did not like him and yes it is rude and mean but he brought it upon himself for cheating. He created his own path. We shall have to wait and see but for me the true champion in is Usain Bolt and always will be.

Hope you have enjoyed my new blog post. Please leave views and comments below I would love to hear from you. Sorry but as I am now back at work full time there will be less blog posts to normal. Thanks for understanding!

Much Love J x

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