Summer Body?

What is it with summer being the reason we all try and get fit and healthy why just for summer? Surely the people you go on holiday with are the people who have seen you in a bikini before and already love you and won’t judge you. Let’s get happy and healthy and fit for ourselves and for all year round. 

Be you. Be your own kind of sexy. Be happy being the way you are the healthy happy you. Change your lifestyle for good, not your diet and exercises for a couple of weeks to then lose it again. 

Top Ten tips for a change in lifestyle, not just for the summer –

  1. Drink lots of water everyday 💦 
  2. Exercise three times a week or take lots of walks 🚶🏼‍♀️
  3. Focus on getting nutrients from your food 🥘 not thinking calories think about food groups. 
  4. Food groups such as protein, carbs and fats 🍞 
  5. Smile lots you are alive don’t take that for granted 😊
  6. Swap soda and pop for water/teas ☕️ 
  7. Sleep lots; focus on getting to bed earlier and sleeping lots 😴 
  8. Take the stairs or the scienic route to your jobs, work etc 🚶🏼‍♀️leave your car behind. 
  9. Sit down less, watch tele less, play on your electronic items less 📱 
  10. Read more, read a good book, have a healthy mind as well as body.
  11. Listen to podcasts and read magazines advising healthy body and mind tips I always love a good read of these 📚 
  12. Put that bikini on and own it 👙 

Hope this helps some of you to help change your health lifestyle for the better it’s not just for summer girls we can be happy and healthy and enjoy it all year round. 

                            Much Love J x

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