Swimming with Dolphins

Morning gorgeous angels! Happy Friday!

Today is the day I write my post on swimming with dolphins!

A lot of people have been waiting for this post and waiting to see all the pictures so here we have it. 

My boyfriend and I swam with dolphins on the 10th of August 2017 this year.. we booked in at 11:55am ready to be taken at 12:45pm. The traffic was really bad on this day so you can imagine I was really panicking on the way to check in. 

The park itself is called Zoo Marine. I swam with dolphins here years ago back in 2009. Zoo Marine is in Alberferia in Guia to be exact in Portugals Algarve. It is quite a big water park/zoo with lots of animals and rides. It is very beautiful and you get to see some amazing creatures you couldn’t in the UK. 

You can see –

  • Dolphins and their show
  • Sea lions and their show 
  • Crocodiles and Alligators 
  • Birds and bird show
  • Turtles and tortoises 
  • Acrobatic performers 
  • Fish including Koi
  • Chill and sunbathe on grass areas 

Rides and things to do –

  • Swim with dolphins
  • Have photos with dolphins and sea lions
  • Water splash pools 
  • Swimming pools
  • Wild river ride
  • Boat kamakhzi
  • Ferris wheel
  • Merry go round 
  • Mini roller coaster 
  • Underwater museum 
  • Resturant 
  • Shops 
  • Stalls
  • You can take your own blankets, picnics and umbrellas and choose and area to chill for the day. 

It’s a family ground suited for all ages. The park is medium size not too big, the staff are very friendly and caring. The park in the summer time is open from 10am till 7pm! 

We spent around 3 hours with the dolphins in a group of 12 which split of into two groups. 

  1. We had to get changed first we had a tour guide who stayed with us. 
  2. We got free flip flops and towels
  3. We then walked round to some amazing beautiful private pools away from the park. 
  4. We got into wet suits and flipflops
  5. We had a talk/slide show on dolphins 
  6. We then had private pictures in the pools with the dolphins 
  7. Some alone some in our couples. 
  8. We got to touch the dolphin and kiss the dolphins
  9. Our dolphin was called Mickey 
  10. We got to stroke him and feel parts of his body
  11. We saw scares and his damaged fins from the wild 
  12. We danced with Mickey
  13. We swam with Mickey 
  14. Some people then got to ride a surf board while being pushed by Mickey
  15. Some got to hold onto two dolphins and ride their fins 
  16. We then got to clap along with them kiss and cuddles them more
  17. Then we had to wave bye. 
  18. We got a long time with the dolphins and it was very special. 
  19. The small area only had a fe people and two dolphins o it was very close and personal.
  20. We got professional photos took, and a video. 
  21. It was such a special and emotional experience and I fully recommend anyone to do it.
  22. I bought this as a gift an experience for Joe to enjoy. 
  23. It’s suitable for all ages but I recommend going when your children are old enough to remember the experience. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Check out the pictures below!! Self love post coming soon! 
                       Much Love J x

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