Are you following the right people?

So we are all surrounded by the crazy antics of social media. Are you following the right people? Just ask yourself.

Has someone popped into your mind that makes you feel less worthy? Are you following positive influencers or are you forcing yourself to see sights and read things your mind doesn’t need to see and experience. 

Media can have a damaging influence on the public. It can be more negative than positive and it’s affecting younger generations every day. Creating images and creating unrealistic expectations for young people. 

I know myself has been affected by bullying through Facebook, judgement through Instagram and I have also felt the pain of seeing someone looking amazing on the web and knowing you will never look like that.

Let’s face it the girl in the magazine doesn’t even look like the girl in magazine.

Now is the time to change it. 

If you follow someone who makes you angry, sad or creates negative thoughts in your mind. Unfollow that, delete them, remove that. You don’t need to see that each and everyday and it’s so easy to now..

Doesn’t matter whether you know them or not they can all affect you and the way you think. If it’s not a positive impact or thought or creates a positive impact then you need to remove it for your own good. 

Lots of Instagram and Facebooks do create a great sense of coming together, encouraging you to do something, be your own person or persue something you have always wanted to and if that’s the case. 

Great amazing you know deep down that’s a good influencer and having a good affect on you to make you work, do or achieve. 

But if not and in the deep back of your mind you get sad, annoyed, distracted, unhappy or hurt by someone or something that’s been posted please delete them, it. 

Remove that. 

Once you remove this negativity you will find yourself naturally more happy and not utterly focused on something that is untrue or unrealistic or unattainable for individuals.

Let’s keep it realistic let’s keep it real. 

Share, encourage and help each other grow, not shame, upset or drain your followers..

              Keep it real.

                          Much Love J x

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