Product Review – GymShark Leggings

Hello Guys.. hope your all well and enjoying the Summer..

Today is a product review on the new phenomenon in the gym and fitness world the gymshark seamless dry leggings..

I hate to be like all the other fitness finatics but yes I love them too! 

What – Gymshark seamless leggings in beet colour (red)

Why – well I needed a new pair of leggings for training and running in anyway but these have been floating around my Instagram for a while now and lots of people have recommended them as they are high waisted and stretchy and that’s two things I really wanted in my leggings so I purchased. 

Who – these seamless leggings are buy Gymshark a brand who do a range of sports clothing. I have also seen these on a some Youtubers I follow and I just loved the look of the high waisted fit, snug fit. 

When – I got these on the 3rd of August. The postage took 3 days. 

How – I spent £40 plus postage on these on the online shop. 

Marks – I rate these a 7 out of 10. 

Like – I adore the material it clings to me so well and I love the high waist band it comes right to my ribs. I love the colour and the ankle pattern/detail. I love the fact it fits tightly to my bum and thighs and the detailed cut out mesh pattern it has at the bottom of the leggings. They are also good for when squatting you don’t get that see through look nor a dreaded camel toe look. 

Dislike – I find the pattern on the leggings presses into the skin a lot leaving marks, when you are sat down for a long time leaving an imprint in your skin and I find the leggings hard to pull up sometimes especially when I’m tired haha. They can get very hot also so they are good for the cold days but not a super super sweaty workout. 

Against others – I love my adidas leggings and I always will they are always a high waisted and a great snug fit for me but these are in close second along side my blue dry fit reform leggings from refocus (TKMaxx is where I got these from) they are  capri pants style keeping mainly my quads warm during practice. These also never fall down. 

Thank you again for reading another one of my posts and following my blog. 

                          Much love J x

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