Top Ten – (favourite drinks)

Morning angels it is a very boring top ten today, my favourite drinks not just healthy options but unhealthier options too, just my all round favourite drinks leave me a list of tour faves too..

  1. Diet coke, love ice and lemon too, i prefer diet coke to normal as i prefer a sweenter taste to a sugar taste. 
  2. Lemonade with added lemon and lime..
  3. Almond milk and normal milk for my cereal and tea i like to have either of these they can be sweet and creamy adding so much more flavour to a bowl of granola. 
  4. Builders tea, my favourite has to be a proper cuppa tea, 2 sweetners and little milk always warming and after one of these i feel like i can take the day on. 
  5. Tonic water, one of my favourite ways to get water in me is to drink tonic water through a straw, i love the twang taste it has i then feel like im having a gin halfway through a monday which always helps!
  6. Green tea after a long day this is just as god as a builders tea and it feels more fresh reaching and clean. It really helps my headaches too. 
  7. Bitter lemon I love this on holiday. 
  8. White monster cans. I seem to have a little addiction to the white monster energy drinks which I know is not good so I choose a zero sugar option to make myself feel better. 
  9. Sparkling water and tap water with ice it has to be real cold!
  10. Prosecco of course. Filled with strawberries or a drop of chambord; Yummy! My alcoholic go too drinks are Coke and Vodka and Gin and Tonic. 

Thanks for reading my quick blog post today. 

                             Much Love J x

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