What’s going in my suitcase? – Clothing Edition

Morninggggggg and it’s a very happy one from me today, im here chilling in my second home, Portugal enjoying every minute.
Today I’m just doing a little haul on my clothes some of my fabulous outfits I have decided to take.  I always pack weeks before I go away. I love to get all my outfits prepared. 

  • 1st outfit is very festivally it’s my Chicago bulls and adidas dress. It’s so easy to pop on and it keeps me cool. 

  • Next my running vest; alongside plenty of running clothes I’ve taken my vests and shorts so I can get my warm weather training done in style. 
  • Next my going out out outfit; my pink suede dress which laces up the front it’s rather short but great for holiday with my cream wedges. See unflattering photo below. 
  • Next another outfit which I wore to a festival. A dress or shorts and crop top can be worn underneath this. I love it as it is so vintage, different and has longer sleeves for the evening in Portugal. See picture below. 
  • And of course my shoulder sarong; I always wear this when walking around abroad. Especially when it’s midday in our bikinis I like to cover my shoulders a little as these are the part of me that get most burnt. See picture below. 
  • My snazzy summer dress a picture below of me wearing it last year. It is from missguided it’s a scuba material. It keeps me cool and it’s just so beautiful. I wear this out for special occasions and meals. 

  • My go to shorts. See picture above. These are high waisted white embroided with flowers. They go with everything!!
  • As you can see my most common colour is white and cream clothes. They are easy to mix and match and cool when in 30 plus degree heat!
  • Let me know of any clothes you recommend and can look at for my future holidays. 
  • Thanks again for reading.
  • Happy Summer..

                          Much Love J x

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