What’s going in my suitcase? – MakeUp Edition

Morninggggggg and it’s a very happy one from me today, i am here!! Back in my second home, Portugal baby we home!

Today I’m just doing a little haul on my travel make up products that I take with me cause 1) it’s cheaper to get them here plus I already have them.. 2) they are English products so I know them and I know they won’t affect my skin etc 3) some products are my favourites and I wouldn’t want to leave without them. 4) some of them are my make up essentials that I couldn’t not take with me. 5) everyone has make up they need to take away with them!

  • Firstly my cheap dry shampoo which is a go to. My FREEDOM fixing pray which holds my make up in place so well! My Calvin Klein perfume which is such beautiful smell. My simple moisturiser I also use simple toner and cleanser I love all the simple products. And Mitchum deodorant roll on I have spoke about this before as you may already know cause I love the stuff. See picture below. 

  • Next my make up favourites Laura Mercier illuminating powder, NYX travel eye make up pallet, Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit, benefit pore minimiser primer, rimmel london mascara MAC illuminating under eye concealer, NARS creamy concealer, Kylie Lip Kit matte lip gloss, stay don’t stray concealer and colour fix green colour correction and then pro conceal set of three colours, light to white, peach and a off brown colour. I use these most times I go out, not daily but more of a dressy up, out out kind of face. What are your faves? Are you interested? I shall not review or advise with any of these products during this blog but if you would like to have a post doing so leave a comment below also see picture below. 
  • Next my go to for daily make up would be my freedom pro studio strobe cream this is great as a base, primer or highlighter, NO.7 beautiful matte foundation. The instaflawless primer/creme, my cheap fave primer from eBay which is colourless but creates a great base, my cheap primark PS lip liner, with my W7 peach lipstick. Alongside my burtbees colour lip balm. I also use my lash curlers a lot now and love to you the travel size testers from MAC so I have two different ones to lengthen the lashes after I apply my colourless mascara to my lashes and eyebrows to help them all set. Want more info on a product leave me a message below? See picture below also.   
  • This post has not been to persuade you to buy any or explain any of the items to you. It’s just simply what I am taking this holiday. Thanks again for reading. If you would like any more info message me. 

                            Much Love J x

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