Yes. I moved on I changed my path was it worth it? Is it better? Hell yeah. 

As you may have read in a previous post I shared a status which was brief and which i wouldn’t usually do but I believe as many people as possible need to here and see my status and remember you are not alone. Do what you need to do. My status a few weeks back was –

‘A year ago today my path did make a change and for the better! To those who are worried, to those who care or those who are just plain nosy; my life now feels fabulous! I have two brilliant jobs which I love, an amazing family that always pick me up, supportive friends who I know are there and I will see more, and of course my rock Joe. This past year I have become stronger and I do each day, I have grown more than I thought, and learnt so much. I have created my own path, I now know what I need and what I want and this gets better each day. If you are someone that is always thinking about something that you want to change or are unhappy with something then just do it, just change it. Life is so short and you never know how happy you could be. Don’t let others damage or control your path… you create your own!’
I just want to relate back to this status and express don’t be afraid to move onto new this and making  your own happiness, and gaining new support, new friends, learning so much and expanding your world. 

Ten things that have helped me from this change

  1. I have learnt so much about myself what I need and what I want..
  2. I have made new supportive friends. 
  3. I have created a happy and healthy work environment which I want to attend each day. 
  4. I have achieved so much academically and created my own biusness. 
  5. I have learnt to work hard and care what people think less. 
  6. I have learnt to follow my heart and choose what I want not others. 
  7. I have learnt that people will always be jealous and always hate you for something don’t try to change them. 
  8. I have learnt to be myself whether people like you or not be honest to yourself. 
  9. I have learnt to love those who deserve your love. 
  10. I have learnt life has so much more to offer. 

           Thank you for all your support, I believe everyone has their own path with so much to do and achieve…
                              Much Love J x

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