What’s going in my suitcase? – Bikini Edition 

Morninggggggg and it’s a very happy one from me today, it’s only 4 days till I get on that plane back to my second home, Portugal baby we coming!
Today I’m just doing a little haul on my swimsuit and bikini’s that I take with me; these are just my favourites I have some other binkinis that I always take to help reduce tan lines but they aren’t my stylish funky ones haha! So here are my favourites which I usually where when we venture out the villa to a water park or the beach etc. 

  • My H and M floral cut swimsuit, this is just beautiful it leave lots of tan lines but the cut outs are just too cute, it also has a frill in the front which is lovely for those who don’t have much boobage going on! Obviously this is not me modelling (I wish I went this colour) but it’s very fitted and flattering. See picture below. 

  • My favourite one this year, my new buy for 2017 – I saw this on Elle Darby, she is a Youtuber I follow and she bought this bikini which you might see on make or break this summer on channel 5 as her and her boyfriend are in that and she is wearing it.. but I love it, as soon as I saw her recommend it on her channel I thought wow I love them colours I love the mesh top too. (That comes off) so you have the bikini and mesh top for when you take a trip out and want the sun off your shoulders. I love the cut outs and how high waisted it is. Obviously again I’m not modelling it but hopefully I can pull it of. See picture below. 
  • My next fave swimsuit is another H and M buy, from about 2014 and I couldn’t find a picture online. Yes my bikini’s still fit me from when I was a child which is great when they are this cute. See picture below. This was my first cut out swimsuit, it’s a monkini like my first one, it is simple but cute and green is so bright and beautiful when abroad. 

  • Also my crinkle bikini – now this one is high waisted I’ve had it for 3 years now and it hasn’t worn out, I still love it and now they have come back into fashion. It’s super stretchy and comfy. It’s very flattering and is the best one for tanning in; hardly any tan lines at all it stays in place also and doesn’t move around in the pool! Love it! I can’t remember the make of this one which is annoying but I know it’s under ‘crinkle’ catergory. 
  • Finally my cute as MissGuided dream catcher bikini, this is very fitted but such dreamy colours, the purple is super cute and great with or without a tan it also goes great with shorts and skirts as a bodysuit see picture below one of me wearing it and two without. 

  • So I’m so very very excited now. It’s just a couple a days away before I see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and get to trial all my bikini and swimsuits out. 
  • Who has a fave bikini? Who has a recommendation for me? 
  • Remember I am blogging while abroad so send me your questions, snaps at jaydyne🎉 and Instagram names so I can follow you back. 
  • Thank you for reading, until next time, happy summer loving..

                          Much Love J x

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