What is going in my suitcase? – Toiletries Edition

Morninggg and it’s a very happy one from me today, it’s only 6 days till I get on that plane back to my second home, Portugal baby we coming! 

Today I’m just doing a little haul on my bathroom products that I take with me cause 1) it’s cheaper to get them here 2) they are English products so I know them and I know they won’t affect my skin etc 3) some products are my favourites and I wouldn’t want to leave without them.. 

  1. My fave deodorants are Mitchum and Nivea spray I think the combination of the two is fab especially with getting extra warm and sweaty on holiday. My favourite micellar water is the P one from primark a bargain at £2 it has lasted me so long, it helps remove make up and it smells amazing. What essentials do you have to take!?
  2. My shower gel; this year I have treated myself to a mango and papaya one from imperial leather I wouldn’t usually but it was on offer at only 70p. It looks very summer and smells amazing too. 
  3. Now I usually buy my facewipes from savers or primark but I saw this bargain in Wilkinson’s and thought why not. Now don’t worry no baby here. But my boyfriend is allergic to most face wipes obviously wipes like Huggins etc are meant to be kind to babies skin so I thought my boyfriend and I can share these. I don’t usually take my make up off with a wile it’s just general wipes for hands and face and body through out the day like trips to the parks etc I think it’s always good to keep them handy this big packet was only 70p compared to the price of my face wipes this was a shock so I thought let’s give it a try. 
  4. My hair products – firstly my shampoo and conditioner I keep the two together a 2 in 1 to save the amount of bottles I take in my suitcase but also to save time in the shower this was only a £1 too! I have my Aussie spray which helps my hair detangle and smells amazing this is a leave in spray so it always helps condition through your the day this was £5. And then my Philip Kingsley swimcap – it’s not actually a swim cap it is a ahair mask as such which I can leave on my hair throughout the day on holiday to keep in conditioned and protection against the sea salt and chlorine. I think this was a gift but I think they are around £7. Which hair products do you use on holiday? 
  5. My sun creams – I do Isla Lou start of with a 30 factor as I am pale but I haven’t bought that one yet, then I move down to 15 and 10. I love this brand Calypso they are great yet cheap. The oil was £2 and the aftersun £3 they last me all two weeks holiday and the aftersun a little longer. I always keep topped up with cream as well as oil and this year I have gone for the ambre solaire 10 from garnier which was £2.99. These three would last me the holiday but I have to start of with a 30 sometimes 50 and work my way down. Fair haired and skin has this trouble haha. What lotions do you recommend? 

So it’s a short but sweet post today, hopefully you will see a couple from me before I venture of this Sunday. I will still be posting from abroad too. Any tips or tricks you have please leave a comment below.. 

                           much love J x

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