BST – British Summer Time Festival 

So a few weeks back at the start of July I went to British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park and it sure was amazing! I love a good festival, especially with my favourite music, drink and food and I can definitely recommend this event. 

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Where? – Hyde Park London 🇬🇧 U.K. 

When? – this years dates range from something like the 30th June to the 9th of July acts on every afternoon and evening and there were some amazing line ups! 

Who? – so who was in the line ups? Who did I see, personally I saw –  Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Pixies, Anne – Marie and Kings of Leon were all brilliant. Other people performing were artist such as – Phil Collins, Green Day, Rancid, Justin Bieber, Naughty Boy, Anne Marie, Martin Garrix, Nina Nesbit, Kings of Leon, Pixies, Deaf Havana, Killers, Elbow, Tears for Fears, The Strypes, Take That, Olly Murs, Ella Eyre, Jamie Lawson, Nathan Sykes, Tom Petty, Mumford and Sons, Wolf Alice, and so many more!!

What? – there was so much to offer at the day festivals as well as great music from two stages there were so many eateries, places to drink and grab treats. The food was fab, little pricey but very good!

Why? – I got the chance to go and to go twice due to my boyfriend and one day to be mother in law they both got me tickets for Christmas so I could enjoy BST this year and I had no idea what to expect but I will deffo go again I loved it!!

How? – tickets can be sold online check BST and BarclayCard on Facebook and online for the quickest recent updates. 

My status from that week went like so – 

“I am so tired; but thank you so much to Joe Desmond and Shelley Desmoo for amazing Christmas presents! Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Pixies, Anne – Marie and especially Kings of Leon were all brilliant. I’ve done British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park twice this week and I hope to return next time, I’ve added many miles to my car, seen great acts, ate lots of street food, and spent time with lovely friends. Shoutout to Joe and Sarah Charlotte Drew for having me on their shoulders! I’ve met some strange and wonderful people who have put my faith back into humanity a little – their smiles and kindness, happy people brought together again by music, I’ve had some strangers tell me my feet are too small, asked if my eyes are real and told me I’m the cutest thing they have ever seen! What a fabulous and memorable time I have had. Thank you again 😎✌🏼😮💓😍🎡🎼”

Any questions leave me a comment. Hope you enjoyed this chatty post..

                              Much love J x

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