To help a friend…

Hello today’s blog post is to help a friend it’s aimed at this particular person but I thought maybe some other people some other ‘sufferers’ of this condition maybe interested in reading today’s post. 

So a breif background this person has been diagnosed this week with have several intolerances to food and after years of sufferening with terrible pains and IBS symptoms and troubles I am pleased they finally now know what is wrong. I’m no expert in this department but I do have some understanding and I’m always willing to help. Any questions or queries please leave a comment below or message me at gymchicks on Facebook. 

So the problem is; this particular person has an intolerance to cows milk, egg yolk and egg white so whole eggs, a particular grape, onion and yeast. This can be very very tricky when it comes to daily snacks as yeast is in most breads, it is the ingredient which makes bread rise so I can see a clear struggle at the first hurdle. 

So I have had a look into some yes foods and some no foods so this person can have a read through and the rest of you can also get a little understanding. 

The diet this person will have to focus on is based mainly around a paleo diet/ vegan diet. Taking many elements from these two to create their own diet – which is what we should all do not take it’s from this two stated above but take a whole look approach at every food and food group and really decide what works for us and what our bodies really want and need. I do believe everyone is intolerant to something mildly or severally whatever I believe everyone may have some reaction or symptoms to certain foods anyway back to client A. 

YES foods –

Meat – including chicken, red meat, veal, pork, duck, ham

Soups – make your own or read the label. 

Fish – prawns, tuna, salmon, 

Vegetables – all vegetable are safe for this case all salad is fine too. 

No fermentated vinegars or dressings always read the label. 

Bread (the tricky one for client A) – Rye bread is the substitute, along with soda bread apparently along with ryvitas, certain rice cakes (always read the label) and Irish soda bread?! Which sounds interesting. Spelt bread has also been known to have no yeast but of course it’s brands again so read the label but this maybe a good substitute. 

Fruit – is all fine apart from melon and grapes as we cannot specify which grape client A is allergic too. Any bruised fruit has been brought to my attention too if the fruit is bruised leave that piece or get another piece of fruit. Bruising must have something to do with the fermentation that occurs as fermentation contains yeast. 

Rice, potato and pasta – swap with vegetables. Client A can have brown rice but always read the packet to be extra careful with certain brands. Client A can also have potatos, and sweet potato. 

More YES foods..

Oats, cornmeal, hummus, nuts, apart from peanuts, popcorn, potato, beans, cous cous, flour tortillas, honey, corn, millet, squash and sweet potato.

I will no go into your NO foods client A of course you know these. I will just advise to always read the label on everything eating out pick the meal you think will be least affective on your troubles.

Once you have cleaned this diet up you will be able to reintroduce certain foods for sure. Your body maybe just in a state of yeast overload and once it has been rebalanced foods can be reintroduced in moderation, this can happen..
Ibs/ allergies and intolerances can have a huge affect on people and their day to day life, never judge people for what they are eating or how they are dealing with a food situation you don’t know their background behind it. 

A shop I have come across and recommend is to help with yeast/dairy free products.
I hope this has helped you and I will continue to keep looking and researching more and more to help you client A. 

Here below are some pictures and some sites like some Instagrams I recommend looking at as you can get some real help and inspiration from these! 

See further down the pictures to see other available foods to check out online to fit your tricky new diet, don’t worry it will all fall into place eventually. Hope it has helped some others out there also. Message me for any more information. 
                           Much Love J x

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