ABC Foods

Hey world, today I am going to be doing a A to Z list of foods I eat personally and as a nutritionist recommend eating to help with a wholesome all round healthy lifestyle. 

(I will briefly explain why these foods are good and what is there main nutrient, and it is very brief see my other blog posts for more information on key macros and micros.)
So let’s begin..
• A 

Almonds (healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Apple Cider Vinegar (helps with detoxing and te metabolism) 

AllBran (fibrous, helps digestive system)

• B

Bacon (no fat, grilled, this is protein)

Balsamic Vinegar (great non fatty dressing for salads)

Basil (add flavour to your food)

Beans (protein and fibre source)

Beetroot (micronutrient)

Blackberries & Blueberries (antioxidants, sugar great energy boost)

Bread (bread is not the enemy bread is carbs and is so needed see previous post on macros)

Brussels sprouts (micros)

• C

Cabbage (micronutrient)

Carrot (micronutrient)

Cashews healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Cauliflower (micronutrient)

Celery (micro)

Cheese (fats and protein) 

Cherries (antioxidants and sugar)

Chia seeds (healthy fats, fuller for longer food)

Chicken (protein)

Chocolate (fat/carbs and sugars)

Coconut oil (healthy fats)

Cottage Cheese (protein and healthy fats)

Courgette (micros)

Cous Cous (carbs)

• D 

Dates (sugar/carbs)

• E 

Eggs (protein and healthy fats)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (healthy fats)

• F  

Fruits and dried fruit (sugar, quick energy boost)
• G


Goji berry (sugar)

Grapefruit (sugar)

Grapes (sugar)

• K

Kiwi (sugars)

Kindness (eat kindness so we can all learn to be kind to each other lol – see who spots this one. LY)

• L

Leeks (micros)

Lentils (micros, fibre and carbs)

Lettuce (micros)

Lemons and limes (sugars and antioxidants)

• M

Mackerel (protein)

Mango  (sugars)

Monkfish (protein)

Mushroom (micros)
• N

Nectarines (fruits) 

Nutmeg  (sugar)

Nuts  (fats and healthy fat) (many types of nuts too)

• O

Oatmeal  and Oats (carbohydrates- slow releasing energy)

Olive Oil – healthy fat oil healthy fats, essential fats are needed

Onion – micronutrient 

• P

Parsnip – root vegetable carbohydrate

Passionfruit – sugar/carbohydrate

Pasta – carbohydrate 

Peaches – sugar/carbohydrate

Pear – sugar/carbohydrate

Peas – carbohydrate and sugar

Pepper – micronutrient

Peppercorns – micronutrient and spice helps with the metabolism 

Potatoes – carbohydrate

• Q

Quark – protein source

Quinoa carbohydrate

• R

Raisin – sugar/carbohydrate

Raspberry – sugar/carbohydrate 

Red cabbage  – micro and carbohydrate

Rice – carbohydrate

Rocket – micro

• S

Salmon – protein 
Sausages  – protein/carbs and fats 

Sea Salt and Stocks and Stevia

Sugar snap peas – sugar/ carbohydrate

Sultanas carbohydrate and sugar

Sun dried tomatoes  – sugar and micro 

Sunflower Oil  – healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Sunflower Seeds  healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Swede  – carbohydrate

Sweet Potato – carbohydrate

Sweetcorn – micro

Swordfish – protein

• T

Tabasco  Tarragon  – spices and flavours

Tea – 

Tofu – protein

Tomato  – sugar and micro

Tuna and Turkey  – protein source/ healthy fats depending on source
• V


Walnut  healthy fats, essential fats are needed)

Watercress – micro

Watermelon – carbohydrate and sugars

• Y

Yoghurt – carbohydrate and sugar 

• Zucchini (basically courgette)- micro

There are also a lot more foods I love to enjoy but those are just a few.. So I hope this helps and gives you an idea on what to eat to keep on track, to keep included into your healthy lifestyle, please see other posts for more information as this post relates to them. 

Let me know what your favourite food is below and any recipes you recommend. 

                            Much love J x

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