Personal Training for you?

Most of you will have seen a post like this before just advertising what I do and my business GYMCHICKS I’m just sending out another post to let you all know I now only have 2 available sessions left on a Thursday and then I’m fully booked so do you need personal training?

It is that time of year again, where everyone is wanting to get fit and healthy for summer; everyone is trying the gym and buying the ‘protein shakes’ ready for their ‘summer body’ but why is it a summer body why not a healthy body all year round a happy healthy you all the time? You can get this with me..

But yes I understand of course this is the time of year where everyone kicks into it and I embrace that.  But if you really are looking for something this year to kick start your butt then maybe im the right PT for you.

I am qualified in personal training and nutrition so i can work on your exercise and diet at the same time!
I can train you on a 1:1 basis on a Tuesday or a Thursday. (Thursday slots are only available now)

I can create schedules for you to take away with you and try at home in your gym all taloried to suit you, your lifestyle and goals. (This is very flexible for those who are busy and want to attend a local gym but don’t know wheat to do.)

I can do online training, which is if you dont have time to meet and train with me personally i can email you over training and diet sheets monthly created just for you. (This is very flexible for those who are busy and want to attend a local gym but don’t know wheat to do.)

Alongside the email and texting stystem i then text or email at anytime checking how the training or diet is going!

As well as all this you can call or text me at anytime for guidence and help. I can also send videos and pictures with diagrams to show you how to perform certain exercises and moves to your routine. 

I dont shout at people im not that type of trainer if your doing something wrong i shall tell you and advise but at the end of the day the decision to become healthier and fitter is down to you im there to guide. 

Some people like to visit me once a month and take training sheets with then to there own gym for the rest of the month so they teach themselves to train as i guide and correct them. 

Feel free to text or message me for a chat to see what would work for you. Always happy to help and advise! 

Thank you for reading; please share!

                    Much love to you all J x

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