Fab FRAMFEST #4SleepsToGo

As many of you know my wonderful mother who is like superwomen and is putting on a mini festival every year for the past 5 years now. And now I say mini but I don’t know why because it keeps growing every year!

Hundreds of people attended last year which was amazing. These greatest thing about it is that my mother does not earn a penny from doing this work she gives it all to charity, so admirable!
Some of you may have heard of it, some not, so here is the low down the day is amazing but I am biased but it consists of around 8 acts/bands/performances; ranging from bands like The Vigilantes, The Ultraviolet, Fusion, Scapa Flow , The Strellies ,Status Quote, to solo acts such as Matty Haynes, Phoebe Ophila to acts like 50 sniffs and Stuart playing the ukulele. The music ranges from all years and genres fitting for all the family.

The field is based in Frampton, hence ‘FRAM’ fest, it’s the field very next St Marys Frampton church and the whole thing is organised by its committee. No one earns a penny it goes all into the church. The field is full of things to do also while listening to the music it changes every year but most of the times things such as, a hotdog and burger stand spend the day with us and also, a sweet stall, potato chip stall, curry, stir fry and Mexican style food stall, a licensed bar, a forever living stall, a vintage clothing and furniture stalls, fair rides, bouncy slides, skinners ice-cream and I’m not joking so much more for a little field and festival it’s a rather big turnout!

So the people, the people make the day, the bands, all the help, the committee and of course you guys that come along adding the money to the church and for charity you make the day. The sun shines and everyone bring picnics, blankets, chairs and alcohol and spend the day from around 1pm to 8pm.
The doors open at 1pm and the bands begin at 2pm so you have time to get down, ready and settle ready to watch all the performances. When I think about how much there is to do, it would be a great day even without the bands everyone is chatting and having fun and it brings families out and friends together. It fit all age groups all day long. The day does finish around 8pm usually with a DJ with fab music to get you ready for a night out after maybe? It’s always the last Saturday in June every year and this year it will be on the 24th June 2017.

Ticket prices so this year the price will be for an adult £5 for a children £1.50. Remember all the money goes to charity so you doing a great cause and in trade for a fabulous day at FRAMFEST

Make sure you keep up to date with it all on FRAMFEST Facebook page and twitter page and keep a look out on the new website, for any new posts and surprises of what may occur on the day.

Also DONT MISS OUT! – Acorn Taxis have offered a 10 % discount to anyone going to or from FRAMFEST! Get your wristbands and get booked in with Acorn now! 

Running order for this year 2017 ;-

‘-‘ 2PM -2.35PM

Also check out our FRAMFEST website “Welcome to our brand new website! We’re delighted with the work that Realflame Digital and Black Cat Designs of Boston have done, to help us increase our existing web presence further. We hope you enjoy looking around!” Check it out at http://framfest.co.uk/ and keep up to date every year. 

I have a feeling this is gonna get bigger and better! 

A massive thank you to my mother Jo-Anne Overton for an amazing day every year, she works so very hard the whole year round to make this happen. And a big thanks to all the committee that help put the day together from marquees to taking money you are all fabulous!!
         Much Love J and all at FOFC x

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