Pfft. Periods.

Hello ladies now this post is for my girls today; men you may want to give this one a miss or give it a read to help your girl out at her time in need! 

Now we all know we need periods, us women have these periods for a reason we are here to reproduce and have babies and we need periods but helping them throughout our lives is what we need also so here are my top tips and info  for helping treat that painfully annoying period time. 

  1. Eat foods that have been shown to help reduce PMS symptoms such as – nuts, seeds, nut butter, soy beans, spinach, lentils, chick pleas, dark chocolate, raspberries,ginger, cinnamon, bananas and blueberries, reach food the good carbs the ones full of nutrition rather reaching for the sweet and chips that won’t make us feel better at all.
  2. Lay on your back and lift you feet together in the air straight, this receives cramping.
  3. Exercise even a little walk can help relieve hormonal cramping, bloating and headaches. 
  4. Try yoga or relaxation exercises to help with your mood.
  5. Sleep lots and make sure your getting at least 8 hours a night.
  6. Avoid red-bull, alcohol and caffeine at your time of the month, make sure your body is relaxed and heart rate not too high. 
  7. Try some supplements that can help with your periods such as, magnesium, vitamin B-6, calcium with vitamin D and folic acid.
  8. Use a hot water bottle and pain killers to ease pain and cramps. 
  9. Drink herbal teas, like camomile tea it helps with the tummy pain and cramps.
  10. Let your skin breathe sometimes the skin gets spots and oily let it breathe don’t wear make up, try a relaxing face mask. 
  11. Try and free up the days you have your period so you have less to do so you can 1. relax but you can 2. not stress about anything; the key aim is to keep everything calm. 
  12. Exercise lightly don’t put your body through strenuous activity if you are an athlete or someone who trains high amounts bring it down a little but for a couple of days usually days 1- 3 train and exercise by all means it does help but light activity. 
  13. Of course drink plenty of water keep hydrated!
  14. Use an app. Use a period or fertile app to track your periods the way you feel on those day, know when your next period is and what you have planned, stay organised and on top of it. 
  15. Wash lots, a hot bath usually helps the draw the blood and relax you, this leads into another find ways to relax loads, and listen to music, or watch netflix, find ways to chill out and relax your body.

We may not be able to stop them but helping them we can! Any tricks or tips you have too please leave a comment below and share your ideas.
Hope this has helped some people too! Thanks for reading.

                            much love J x

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