Silly Smoking

Smoking is awful and I’m here to explain why and help you give up..

why is it so bad?

  1. Smoking kills it tells you on the packet and it’s so true some of my parents friends have died from smoking lots it can cause cancer and shorten your life. 
  2. You stink, your clothes, bad breathe, smelly fingers and hair..
  3. Smokers can not taste and small the same it affects these senses massively. 
  4. Causes aging lethery skin and wrinkles. 
  5. Your a danger to others. Your second hand smoke can make us non smokers ill. You can be filling your children with smoke. 
  6. It has a massive impact on your physical activity levels.
  7. Weakens heart more likely to have heart attavks due to the stress it takes. 
  8. Tar ruins lungs affect breathing lung capacity and stamina. 
  9. Can also affect you in the bedroom department with lower libdo and also errctule dysfunction.  
  10. Makes bones brittle. 
  11. Stains teeth. 
  12. Smoking also affects your vision, it can affect the optic nerve and damage it and can actually make you go blind.
  13. With just one single cigarette you have on the night out as a social smoke can affect you. It raises blood pressure and increases heart rate.. the carbon monoxide levels increase in your blood preventing oxygen from being carried around your body. 
  14. It also can affect the tiny muscles in your airways causing them to contract and affecting the phlegm. A single cigarette can affect the immune system too. 
  15. Smoking can cause 14 different types of cancer. 
  16. Smoking is a waste of money you can spend on important things. 
  17. When I have spoken to people about this topic most responses are that it is ugly, unattractive, a killer of themselves and others and a money burner. 
  18. The lungs actually turn grey and black when you smoke, each time you smoke you build on that tar build up. 
  19. So that’s plenty of reasons to stop. 

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances know to man kind it is so easy to go from one odd social smoke to needing a fag and becoming a heavy addict. The change and when this suddenly happens is not known it is different for each individual. 

Top twenty tips to help give it up..

  1. Join a forum or group or friends trying to do the same thing. 
  2. Order a help to give up pack or program online to help you. 
  3. Take up a new hobby or something you can do when the craving kicks in.. one person I knew who gave up replaced cigarettes with loveheart sweets yummy! 
  4. Think of a reason to do it or someone to do it for and focus on that thought every time you think of one. 
  5. Consider nicotine replacements
  6. Clean the house from smoke and the smell. You will start to hate the smell as the fresh, clean smell takes over. 
  7. Tell family and friends and get their support and help along the way. They can then focus and remind you. 
  8. Eating healthy and getting fit – these run alongside each other at the same time this gives you so much to focus on rather than the fact you can’t smoke, you can combat all three to create a better you. 
  9. Get out of the house go for a walk a bike, play football, meet friends. 
  10. Chew gum or hard candy.
  11. Keep your hands busy with a pen or toothpick. 
  12. Play a game on your phone. 
  13. Drink lots of water.
  14. Relax with deep breathing.
  15. Find new ways to relax. 
  16. Avoid triggers like alcohol.
  17. Tell yourself your strong and you can do this. 
  18. Don’t be led by others be an independent person. 
  19. Think of the outcomes and how better off you will be and feel. 
  20. Do it for your bright future. 

Try for yourself and others around you. Hope this helps some of you out there let’s be happy and healthy together! 

                           Much love J x
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