Learn to love yourself – ‘5 to do’s’

Yes that’s right you need to learn to love yourself.

You are amazing.

We all have confidence issues however big or small we all got em’! 

So I just want to give you all some tips on how to help your confidence and learning to love yourself each and everyday. 

As Ed Sheeran says “life is more than fitting in your jeans” ;so if your always worrying about your weight and size please stop it’s not the worst that could happen.

If your always worrying about someone else being prettier or someone’s hair being better than yours or someone accomplishing more in life like quicker than you; just remember your the only YOU in the world and no one can do YOU better than YOU. 

  1. Write down two things a day one thing that you love about you life and one thing that you love about yourself whether it be physical or not appreciate yourself every day. 
  2. Tell yourself each day, your alive, your well, you have been given another day to enjoy, accomplish and learn something new.. not everyone gets tomorrow. 
  3. If you can’t love it – be proactive; hate your house look to save or move, hate the colour of your hall way paint it – That thing you hate whether it be your legs your stomach or even the spots on your face put something in place to show you have noted what you don’t like and your now going to do something about it. For instance your going to get some new products and do a new face regime to help the spots or visit the doctor a plan is the first step the rest follows. 
  4. Life is not a competition with your friends, partner or the girl on instagram it’s all about beating yourself; competition with your PB, ticking off all your jobs to do. Overcoming your past.. Like whatever happened that is in the past in a ‘the past box’ leave it there! why open it again? that one is closed open your new box and place your new favourite things in. For example – in the past you use to hate your body not train and binge eat; in your new box you know you want your body to change so you have added some exercise to your life, eating a normal diet and focusing on making that smile grow on your face and filling that box with your new life. Create goals and actions to place in your box. 
  5. You may have heard this a million times on social media but it’s so very true surround yourself with positive people. They don’t have to like what you do love what you do or be like you but they must understand why you do things, why you want to do that, why you are being the way you are and help you with it. I have had to change some of my friendship groups through my life and now I feel like I have people around me that understand me and want to be there. We help each other grow, have fun and embrace each other’s craziness. I only want happy people around me now.  I know what I want and what I need. Once you are clear on who is helping you and who is not happy for you and who wants to hinder your life you know who to cut out and act upon. It actually makes a massive difference you can grow without people trying to get in your way. 

We all have our own lives, we don’t need some people; others we really do need there. But the main thing is that we know who we are, what we want and what we are striving for, when you don’t care what others think or believe (in a respectful way) then you don’t worry, you be you and make the very best of it. Thinking of your own goals in life life not others. 
Everyone has goals things they want to accomplish, this is your life create your own road and path don’t follow someone else’s trail.. 
              Much love to you all J x 

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