Blimey Braces (6 months on)

So many have requested an update on my teeth so here we have it..

I have to say I think it’s crazy how it’s been only 6 months with these on and the difference is really crazy fast.  I shall remind you I got fastbraces on the 25th of October 2016. 

So we are just over 6 months into the treatment and i wanted to let you know and update you on the progress as many of you have asked how it has been so another top ten today on the progress and experience with these braces. 

  1. My fangs i am unsure what the technical term for these teeth are know as im thinking incisors? Lived up inside my gums then have now moved down so so much; it feels amazing for my gums and i can tell the difference every day. This has progressed massively they are now completely in line with the other teeth and back slightly making them look small yay. 
  2. I don’t get rubbing anymore my mouth has adapted and I sometimes forget I have them on.
  3. I have had lacing bands on which look weird and like they would hurt but they don’t and these have made a massive difference in aligning them all. 
  4. After tightneing each time:- the pains ware off after 3 days now rather than 7 days each time and they are tightened now every 5 weeks not 3. 
  5. I can now eat all foods bar tough crusts, sweet corn like corn on the cob or spinach as it’s just there for days in my brace haha. 
  6. I have elastic bands on certain teeth to now correct my bite. There are two types one for the night time and one for the day time but not all pateints need these bands it depends on your bite. These are a pain don’t look attractive but are essential. But I have them out roughly 5 hours a day the rest of the time they are in. 
  7. My teeth no longer feel wobbly. Now they are just closing some small gaps like in my front two teeth and lining some at the back. 
  8. When looking in my mouth they are all so straight and lined up it looks amazing see pictures below. 
  9. I have some mini brushes for in between my brackets, i use these at night time only; I brush twice a day now I’m use to it. 
  10. I drink everything through and straw and eat very slowly so i do not damage or stain my teeth, or break brakets I still do this!!

I am so very excited for changes and end result, wish me luck i still get nervous everytime i go. I have lots of pain during tightening when i go so i have to have 4 injections each time which means my whole jaw, lips and nose are numb for about 4 hours! Its crazy but it helps me get through the tightening treatment. Not every paitent experiences this but i have very strong teeth so its needed. 
The pictures below are now and when i very first got them done its only been 6months so i am very excited. YAY!! I shall update you in months to come! Though I am predicted them of soon so we shall see woo!

Wish me look, any tips and tricks please comment! Message me for anymore info, Thanks for reading! 

                             Much Love J x

Before and now picture below 

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