Top Ten – Fun Facts #2

So you asked for another top ten tips; so today’s is on our main source of energy being carbohydrates! 

As there is so much to say and explain with this topic; I will try and do the top ten carbohydrates in a few separate parts…

Many people avoid carbs when getting healthy or dieting and it really winds me up. Who told you this rubbish?! We need carbs. No carbs before marbs is the most stupidest thing I ever did hear!

1. Carbohydrates help you to feel fuller for longer.

2. Carbohydrates will be converted to glucose.

3. Glucose from carbohydrates can be used by our body as a source of energy.

4. Carbohydrates provide us with our main source of energy.

5. Carbohydrates helps to regulate levels of blood sugar.

6. Carbohydrates helps to prevent constipation, fight against cancer & heart disease

7. There are two types of carbohydrates: complex and simple.

8. Complex carbohydrates are generally found in foods that are high in starch, such as legumes, pasta and rice. Complex means – Complex carbohydrates may be referred to as dietary starch and are made of sugar molecules strung together like a necklace. They are usually richer in fiber. 

9. Simple carbohydrates are often found in fruits and vegetables, as well as refined food products, such as sweets, white flour, and white cane sugar. Simple means – Simple carbohydrates are sugars. All simple carbohydrates are made of just one or two sugar molecules. They are the quickest source of energy, as they are very rapidly digested.

10. Carbohydrates are mainly broken down and metabolised in the gut, where they are absorbed into the bloodstream as individual molecules of glucose and then used for our main source of energy.

Keep an eye out for the part 2 of the carbohydrate top ten; I hope by giving you this information in short sweet and a concise way you are able to learn from my posts.

Thanks again for reading.

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                      Much love J x

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