Top Twenty (- Dates)

Morning gorgeous angels, this morning i am spicing it up with my top twenty rather than top ten today I’m sharing a post which many of you may find quite useful and a topic you may have found yourself googling before, ideas and plans, things to do and experiences for dates, these are first and foremost the most basic of dates but hopefully this gives you an idea on what things can be done on little money and before you get too adventurous so here is my top twenty for today..

  1. Takeaway – share your favourite foods or get ice cream
  2. Netflix and movie marathons – grab the duvet
  3. Cinema and popcorn
  4. Bike rides or runs
  5. Meals out, favourite Resturants
  6. Car drive – cruising and listening to your favourite music
  7. Cooking a meal or baking
  8. Playing games – scrabble and boggle
  9. Beach and marsh walks – watch the sunset
  10. Visit cities – pop on a train to london and walk around the busy streets
  11. Go abroad – if money is no worry pop on a place see the world
  12. Shopping – yes you have to go shopping to help your partner sometimes!
  13. Theme parks – get a thrill or feel sick either which way its good day out
  14. Trampoline parks – bounce around, have flipping good fun!
  15. Swimming – try new swimming pools out
  16. Book or plan a holiday or an experience you would like to do.
  17.  Teaching each other something new; you may both have hobbies the other does not know about share them.
  18. Drinks; go out the two of you or a group of couples and friends get to know each others mates.
  19. Wash your cars; go bowling; watch a movie outdoors
  20. Go camping or go to a concert.

hope you find these top twenty useful and a couple of extras in there..

love you all lots, thanks again for reading, and thanks for all the super support..


much love J x 

P.s a little thank you to my beautiful boyfriend for many wonderful dates x

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