Top Ten – (helpful hacks to get organised)

Hello to my lovely followers this morning we have another top ten, this time requested by a close friend, purely asking “how do you stay organised?” We all have super busy lives, sometimes there are not enough hours in a day, it can become stressful and you can think you never have down time, well here are a few things on how i help myself to keep organised through my busy days..

  1. Use your phone notes: i am always writing in my notes a to do list or something i forgot and need to do and i check it every few hours to remind me if i have forgotton anything. 
  2. Reminder app; the app i have is called, RxmindMe this reminder app has a notification unless i click off that i have done that job. Notifications annoy me so i find myself always getting those jobs done quickly.
  3. Calendar on phone; so your calendar if you have an iphone the calendar is great, it can organise work and personal appointments and they are always placed in your front notification scheme letting you know how long it even takes to get there, so for my driving lessons, work and client PT appointments i always pop them in my calendar and swipe down in a morning to check with myself, what do i have on today?
  4. Calendar countdown app; the one i have is called reminder free the symbol is a small clock black and white sign – this app is amazing i love it is counts the days, hours and minutes to an event when counting down to a holiday or birthday this one is fab!
  5. Calendar paper version just incase you lose your phone and all the details on it keep a paper family calendar in the house. You and all the family will then be up to date. Any member can add to this. 
  6. Diaries separate versions one for work and one for home and family life appointments etc then you will always feel like you can cope with the two separate parts of your life.
  7. Prepare things the day before such as meals, snack, lunches, clothes you plan to wear, equipment you need to take to work or on your trip the next day is then less stressful.
  8. Keep tidy, everything having its place means you can find things quickly and become less stressed. 
  9. Keep as a daily routine and repeat this create structure for you and the family, encourage family to do the same then usually things arent forgotton as you are working as a team.
  10. All chip in you and your family are a team all should work together keeping there own things organised and helping others keep things tidy. Create a whole tidy and stress free household.
  11. And an extra one -Keep a white or black board with most important on, placed on the fridge somewhere it will always be seen. Then most important things will get done! 

Hope this helps my busy, stressful, unorganised followers, let me know if it does! Thanks again for reading, following and sharing. 

                            Much Love J x

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