Guests Go Go Go!

So todays post is short but exciting..  To all my guests and followers its now your time to share!!

This post is for any fellow blogger or promoter or anyone that just wants to share their word about something! You can have a chance to star on my blog and reach out to more people, my following and a new audience. 

Are you a blogger who has a blog post you would like to share on my platform? Are you a promoter wanting to reach a new audience with exciting news you have to share? Are you a band wanting to let followers know about your new music and about you? Then you can contact me and be part of my blog. 

You will need to write a post about the point you are wanting to get a across just like i write all my posts make it around 200 words or more, add pictures if you want and email it to me at 

I can then advertise you and what you are promoting across my blog and other social media, sharing the news for people to follow you or become part of what you are sharing. 

I will only accept serious posts, you can advertise, and it will be proof read before   posted, i will not accept any old thing. 

Hopefully most of them will be posted, i would love to share loads from my followers so if you have anything you want to get out to people anything you would like to share then email me, facebook message me and get in touch, its a chance for my followers to become part of my blog im quite excited! 

If your someone who is thinking about starting a blog but is unsure this would be great for you as a trial run! Share this post with friends who you think would benefit from this. 

Thanks again for reading, following and sharing, maybe next time you read a post from my blog it maybe one of yours! 

                               much love J x

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