Sister Sistaaaa (Part 1)

A personal post as requested and a popular one too, ‘The Sister Tag!’ – no video alongside this for my youtube yet but there maybe one soon but for now everyone i would like to introduce my little sister Kirya want to get to know her? 

Lets get going..
Who is the youngest/oldest among you?

Kirya is 17

Jaydyne 22

What do you like about your sister? 

Kirya – “that’s a hard one,haha I like that you don’t care what people think”

Jaydyne – “I like your make up and fashion style and how caring you are.”

What do you hate about your sister?

Kirya -“that you copy me”

Jaydyne – “how negative you can be”

What do you and your sister have in common?

Kirya – “same banter, same laugh, we are so similar”

Jaydyne – “like the same sweets, same style of vintage stuff, not loads tbh”
What do you (sisters) do for fun?

Kirya -“eat, laugh, shop, get nails done, eat some more, do make up”

Jaydyne – “ditto to the above”

Describe your sister in three words. 

Kirya – “annoying, funny, cute”

Jaydyne – “caring, funny, argumentative”

Who room is a mess?

Kirya – “JAY’s”

Jaydyne – “yeah mine”

What is your sister’s favorite food/drink?

Kirya – “sparkling water”

Jaydyne – “haha Kirya’s is normal water we are so exciting lol”

Kirya – “rice cakes and cereal”

Jaydyne – “Chinese and chocolate caterpillars”

What does your sister think about the most?

Kirya – “sport and work”

Jaydyne – “make up and YouTube and driving”

Who reads more?

Kirya – “Jay”

Jaydyne – “me, and it’s not a lot”

Who is the most talented?

Kirya-“depends on what”

Jaydyne – “agreed”

Hope you have enjoyed the short but sweet post there will be part 2 to follow as we have many more questions to answer and hopefully a YouTube video to come!

Thanks for reading another personal post, much love J x

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