Top Ten – (Tips on Drinking Water)

Good Morning to my beautiful followers today’s post is another top ten, and its on a subject that lots of us stuggle with drinking water!! So hopefully my top ten today will help us keep up this healthy habbit! 

  1. Get a gorgeous water bottle, treat yourself to a new one and take it everywhere throughout the day. 
  2. Sparkling water, drink sparkling water to add a little fizz, i find it much better than plain water and the same with..
  3. Tonic water, having tonic water and lemon or lime is just fab, i feel like i am in the pub rather than drinking water! Tonic water also helps with cramping due to the added ingredients in it so thats great for athetes like myself. (And if your worried about the extra calories go for the slimline tonic version)
  4. Flavoured water, there are so many versions of flavoured water, still and sparkling versions also i like to get mine from Aldi but they are everywhere so keep a look out having an added strawberry or lemon flavour to the mix help to drink it. 
  5. Hot water – its still a form off getting water in you! -so like greeb tea/ normal tea / flavoured tea all low in cals. You may find teas are a diuretic and you will be going to the loo a lot. 
  6. Sip every ten mins small amounts, its not about guzzling a litre in one go you will feel bloated and ill but sipping throughout the day will be very affective in hydration, less headaches and being more alert.
  7. Cold water add ice more appealing, plain water is hard to drink so make sure your water is cold and add ice it then is so refreshing to drink you want more. 
  8. Refillable water bottle often is alot  fresher than a cup than an open cup,  get a water bottle or filtered bottle it has a much cleaner tatse which is much more appealing. 
  9. Set an alarm to remind you every 5 or 10 minutes you can then keep putting the alarm on snooze it will keep reminding you when it goes of sip the water you will consume so much more water. 
  10. Label your water bottle so write on it or add sticky labels on the bottle like this say drink by  8am and further down drink this much by 10am and so on. You then know how much water you need to drink.

Thank you again for reading my posts; hope you are enjoying them. Leave a comment below of anything you would like me to write about! I hope this top ten helps you all. 

                           Much love J x

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