Peachy Plans

What are your goals? What are your plans? What do you hope for the future?
Whether it be fitness related or not we all have aims we want to achieve.. saving money? toning up? losing weight? buying a house? having a family? getting a new job? completing Uni?

Everyone has plans and we all should have as my mum says, life happens in between the time you are making plans and looking forward to certain things. plans keep us motivated they keep us going, whether its a plan to go on holiday or just out at the weekend we have something to look forward to while we are working throughout the week.

so your plans, share share share, leave a comment below on what plans you have set in place for yourself/partner or family what are you currently looking forward to.. so again Happy New Year to my gorgeous following! I wish you a happy and healthy 2017..  

I wrote a status the other on my personal facebook which i wish to share with my followers too it was – Happy New Year to all my friends and family, i wish you all happiness and health for 2017. 
2016 hasnt been the greatest year yet, but I’ve certainly ended it on a high.. I am very happy in my new job, im now a PA and PT, and its changed me for the better, my blog has grown massively, and considering i have a muscular skeletal condition im the strongest athelte I’ve ever been, everything happens for a reason! Thank you to my family and boyf for amazing support and I have so much to look forward to in my work and play for 2017, bring it on!❣🤗

So following that i would like to share my top ten glorious goals with you! I would love to hear about your goals also! And then this time next year we can reflect on how far we have come so lets begin.. 

  1. More positive thinking and self talk, i need to believe in myself more and grow in confidence and that is the aim, i also want to relate this to comparisons, i compare myself a lot to others which is not healthy and it needs to stop. 
  2. I want to try and save money, think about money carefully not waste it and start thinking like an actual grown up. 
  3. I would like to start yoga and maybe meditation, spending more time alone, trying to relax. 
  4. I want to start driving! I managed this Christmas to get a car and book some driving lessons so its looking promising but if i could be driving by this time next year i would be very happy. 
  5. I want to race more than ever. I want to book in loads of races all over, different distances and places to visit, gaining more miles and medals than ever, i sure do love my running.
  6. I want to say yes to the things i only really want to do. A lot of the time i try to make other people happy and commit to doing something i dont really want to so from now on its what i really want. 
  7. I want my blog and PT business to grow, and do well and for me to enjoy this and to continue loving all my jobs.
  8. I want to attend church more, i find it relaxing, calming and a special way to escape, i want to smile more and i want to know who i am and what i really want out of life. 
  9. I want to see more sights, in England and abroad and appreciate time with friends and family more. 
  10. I want to be fitter and healthier of course, but i want that for all my family and friends also!

Thank you for reading my goals, please share yours below i would love to hear them and see you next time,

                           much love J x

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