Top Ten – (Annoying Anxiety) 

So it’s the middle of January time is flying already but blue Monday is approaching, for some of my friends and followers I know worries and sadness does come upon them often. So todays post is focusing on anxiety and some personal tips I would try if suffering from anxiety.

1. Create a time frame where you allow yourself time to worry later than worry all day. Say to yourself – “I will think about that at 5pm till 5.20pm only”

2. Make a worry list/diary of key worries, and times you worry most and then really think about each one and relate to number 3 below. 

3. Think carefully about each worry… is it solvable? If yes, how can you act upon it immediately? Can you tell someone? Can you plan a method you will take to act on it? If no, why? When can it be resolved? How can I help it? What actions can help relive my worry or work towards reliving it? These need brainstorming, you need to make ideas and plans to help accomplish. Try and take the worry over with a plan, “it doesn’t matter anymore as this is what I am going to do” change something you know needs changing make a strategy to help move, overcome and beat that worry.

4. Accept uncertainty. Once you have accepted that maybe not everything will be resolved, and once you understand you can’t always control something, and really that’s what life is like, you can’t control it all if you could life would not be as exciting, and hard work! am I right? You can’t predict the future you can’t control thousands of ways why would you want to? If you knew something was going to fail you wouldn’t try, you wouldn’t tackle something and help yourself become a better person. Every time you do something and try and overcome something, you as person grow and your confidence its best to try and not succeed than never try at all.

5. Do you predict bad things, are you a negative person? Change the way you think. Focus on the positive and the good things. If there is a small chance your worry would come true what is the worst that can happen? how would you deal with it? And what would you do after? Would you actually get over it? Ask yourself these questions.

6. Spend less time around negative people, who make you anxious avoid them, surround yourself with happy and bubbly people who make you forget your worries and focus on happier thoughts and times.

7. Focus on present day and present time, not what is happening in 4 years’ time etc. you are in the now, in the today so make this the best minute, hour and day, you possibly can.

8. Acknowledge the worry, write it down, think about it, plan a strategy and a way to move on. 1,2,3,4. Do this for every worry then your thoughts become organised and you become less stressed as well as less worried.

9. Write one good thing down that happens every day so at the end of the day in your diary write the best thing that made you happy that day and focus on things that make you smile. Including others in this can spread happiness

10. Create a positive list, a list of the great, and wonderful things you want to do in the coming days, weeks and years focus on them. 
And an extra one always smile, when you are smiling you can trick the mind into thinking and feeling happier, creating a happier you. Smile at a random person it may make their day too!

Keep positive my lovely followers,

                              much love J x

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