Hello gorgeous followers today is a little bit of a personal post just something extra i think you would like to know about me before we dive into the new year posts.

Of course you know im a runner but who for, of course myself but we are apart of a team so thats where NVH comes in. 

What is NVH?NVH stands for Nene Valley Harriers, it is a running club, based in Peterborough. :They are an award-winning club offering a warm welcome to all levels of athletes” -(from their website, go and check them out – http://www.nvh.org.uk

who? lots of people are part of this team, they are all runners, from road, to cross country t track and we belong in the team together running together supporting one another, we are all UK affiliated athletes when part of this team.

when? this has been going for many years, when my dad ran he was part of this club as well. the club has been running for 40 years next year, it has seen many runners come achieve and go..

why? why do anything? probably to help, encourage and create a place and atmosphere where people with the same loves and interest can go and share this..

how? the club runs, races and training. The club train for track and field events and road events. The club has many coaches and helpers making it a great family to be a part of. 

me? i love my team, i don’t train with them very often as i live a little way, i train with my own coach and on my own a lot of the time but i race for them in my team vest and do many races usually road races all over.

during my time at NVH i have done many races and got my name out there, i have met so many people who have helped me and encouraged me to do and become more and i have made lots of friends and become part of a community in which i love and want to share..
if you are interested in becoming part of NVH or any other club do you research, check online and on social medias, ask people, share ideas, make sure its the best place for you to be encouraged, inspired and distance wise also. Whats best for you not someone else.
happy searching, find the right team for you and thank you for reading yet again…
                           much love J x

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