Baby Bonnie

So again you have asked for a personal post so here we have a post on my baby Bonnie. She is now part of the family and before you get too excited its a car! 

My very first car!!

My boyfriend past his test a few months back and we got him a car and he is now driving all over and loving it. I have never ever wanted to drive but now he is and my sister is learning so i have been inspired and encouraged to do it!

So i have bought my first car and now that sure is a kick up the ass to think ‘come on you can do this’.  As it is sat there looking all pretty i just want to be driving little Bonnie. 

So if you have gathered its called Bonnie its a Citereon C3 convertible, its a 1.6 and Petrol the colour is very bright red and i have never really like the colour red but i couldnt resist this cute car. 

I have never wanted to drive as a family friend died years ago and ive had a fear of ever driving and being in control of something that could harm another person. I know its rather deep but thats how i have always thought and i still do i get so so very scared but i have thought a lot about this and made myself exceptions to help me drive.

One being its an automatic. So by doing an automatic only test you have less to think about in the car so you can focus on what is outside which is what I prefer i want to be fully aware of other people rather than thinking about my clutch changing gear and stalling. So im very excited and i had my first automatic lesson last week which was actually great!

I managed to drive down some back roads and do some sharp corners, i managed to protect us from a hazard and i pulled off and pulled out well. For a first lesson i was impressed by myself and the main thing was i kept calm. 

I also have given myself the no time limit rule, i have said to myself there is no need to rush, there is nothing i am aiming for, apart from to eventually drive safely, i dont need to be driving before a certain date etc, my family will help me commute and learn so there is no pressure. I will just take it slow and enjoy it, as i repeat this to myself all the time. 

I have been out a few times practicing now with my mum and i have managed to do the A16 which is quite a busy fast road and a roundabout and also i have bay parked. These are a big deal i know, but to me they are! 

So i am getting there slowly but surely i will make it. I have a little more faith in myself now, dont get me wrong everytime i get in the car as a driver or a passenger i feel awful i get scared and wonder if driving is for me but i like to get over my fears and accomplsh things and i think now is the time. 

I have began revising from the app my iphone and from two of the AA driving school books. And i have my second lesson this afternoon so wish me luck!! I can do this!! 

Who else drives? Who else is learning to drive? Who has just passed their test? 

leave me tips and advice below please, i need all the help possible! 

Thank you for reading a personal post again, and wish me luck with my baby Bonnie!  

                            Much love J xx

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