Golly, Great Giveaway!

Right now for some exciting news, now i am reaching a lot more followers, I am going to be doing my first ever Giveaway! 
Why are you doing it?

Im doing this giveaway to spread the word, i want people to hear a about and view my blog, i want people to smile and learn from my blog i want to help anyone and everyone and by my followers sharing my blog to enter the giveaway i can hopefully reach out and help more of my audience! 

What is a giveaway?
A giveaway is simply me creating a big goody bag for one lucky follower to win! The goody bag will be filled with food, books, and vouchers. This particular giveaway is along the health and fitness theme as of course you know i am a health blogger and its my first giveaway, but hopefully there will be more to come im thinking of a beauty product giveaway next time?! How does that sound!?

What is in it? 

Products in the giveaway: –

  1. Joe Wick’s Clean 10? book – to give your extra ideas.
  2. HIGH5 water bottle – to refill and keep hydrated.
  3. Chai Tea sachets – tea to help detox.
  4. Metacalfs Popcorn – sweet, healthy treat.
  5. IsoGel – isotonic drink for replacing lost engery during exertion.
  6. Pasta sachets and noodle sachet – healthy carbohydrates.
  7. 70% cocoa dark chocolate – sweet treats – healthy fats.
  8. Trek bar – tatsty treat, full of protein, carbs and healthy fats.
  9. Naked – raw fruit and nut bar, healthy nuts and sugar.
  10. FlavIt spices – piri piri and bbq spices to add to meat to make your protein tasty.
  11. BPI Whey Powder – chocolate flavoured protein to drink.
  12. WheyBox sachets – Protein source, x 3 sachets of different flavours.
  13. Hartleys Sugar Free Jelly – healthy sugar free sweet treat.
  14. NutFactory – nut mix – healthy fats and protein.
  15. And of course a voucher for a free session with me as your personal trainer for you to use in the new year!!

How can i enter?

The rules to enter. The opening date is the 27th of December and the winner will be announced on 1st January 2017.

So you have a few days to get sharing, reading and subscribing. 
You will need to 

  1. Like and Share this picture post. 

Once you have completed these two rules your name will be placed in a hat and on the 1st it shall be pulled out at random to see who wins my first ever giveaway. 

I will reshare this post lots and then you can all get sharing and liking, help me reach out to more people while in the chance to win a giveaway worth over £55. 

Thank you for all your support and following! 

                            Much love J x

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