Fab Food -Food/Product Review

So you voted for food/product review so here it is, a fab food product I recently tried. Some of you may already know this company but today i will be writing about the skinny bakery company they are the healthier versions of what some people might call ‘treat products’ that we already enjoy. Some of you may know a little about these already, or like myself i only know a little about them too but i want to know more! 

I have recently been made more aware of these products and this company online and i bought these products below myself to try out. I wanted to trial and test them and see if i liked them myself and to see if i would buy again and also to write about them and let you all know what they are really about. 

I was very excited to try them who isnt excited to eat? i got a couple of different items to try, as i have said before in previous posts, I always write the truth and what i truly think and what i truly believe and if i truly believe in this product then i would tell you.

So the products i bought to try were  –

  • Chocolate chip cookie bags x1
  • Gingerbread men bags x2
  • Chocolate cake meringues boxes x2

I didnt want to buy lots to begin with as i didnt know what to expect. i wanted to try a first  batch and this cost me £15 total with delivery, so the price wasnt too bad as I received two packs of 3 gingerbread men, bag of cookies and 2 pots if chocolate merigues. 

  1. So firstly the cookies; they were great! Real chocolate chips, the cookie itself was harder than i expected i like soft, squidgy cookies you see, but overall they tasted greati added  them to the new ‘lick’ ice cream and tasted great mashed up! For the whole bag of cookies which was about 4 biscuits there was around 120 calories and the macronutrients were great. 
  2. Secondly the gingerbread men; it was pure ginger! It really was like eating pure ginger and i loved it! I love ginger anyway so these were so yummy, three small men in a packet ready to go i took them to work as a snack! For the whole bag of gingerbread men which was 3 men there was around 110 calories and the macronutrients were great also, very low in fat. 
  3. And finally the chocolate meringues which  were my very favourite like the ginger bread men the ginger was very prominent like in these meringues you can taste the cocoa, so its more of a clear crisp cocoa taste rather than a milk chocolate oily taste. Which to me is better.   the texture was a little more gooier than a cake and melted in the microwave with ice cream well that was just wow! My favourite and i sure will by again! For the whole pot of meringues which was about 5 meringues there was around 160 calories and the macronutrients were great too very impressed. Comment below if you are interested in full macro list. 

As far as trying them again i definitely would and i would totally recommend!! I really enjoyed these and even the chocolate meringues made me feel sick at one point they were very sickly so you get that real chocolate fix.

I think next time i would re-order the same and some extra of some of their other products to try them too. Check them out online and try some of there new range, if you have already tried them leave a comment below; would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thank you for reading and if you fancy a taste of these treats head over to there website or Instagram! 

Thank you for reading. Please remember these are all my own opinions, make sure you do your own research and taste tests! 
                        Much love J x

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