Top Ten – (Travelling Tricks)

So its coming up to Christmas and coming to the time where lots of you will be traveling all over, so todays top ten is tips and tricks for when you are out and about! those handy little hacks that make all the difference to your long journeys and travel plans!

  1. keep a folder – now your look a little bit anal when you pull out all your details, documents, barring passes and passports out of one folder, but I’m telling you it help, keeping everything together, all organised in the “holiday folder” will make life less stressful and quicker when travelling.
  2. roll your clothes rather than fold – if your only taking hand luggage the this tip is great, its best to roll the clothes to decrease the space they take up meaning more spaces for more shoes or in my case SHOES!
  3. keeping things tight and together – one thing i did during my last trip was roll my pants and socks up inside my shoes, then place my shoes (the ballet pumps) inside my shower cap, this is then three items that take up the same amount of space as just one of them.
  4. take an extension lead/ power strip – one i always forget! you may not have many travelling plugs but if you have the one and an extension lead with an additional five plug sockets then you away, saving your phone battery and probably a lot of your families phones too.
  5. when you can’t take all your make up take a swab of it – take cue tips and brush on eyeshadow on to each side of a few and place into a sandwich bag, when travelling this keeps it in tac and then when you apply the colour it comes off in just the right amount you need.
  6. if you have a medicine container or divider box then these are great for holding jewellery – great for earrings, rings and necklaces so they don’t get all mixed up or lost.
  7. grips and ear phones – use hair grips/clips to hold those annoying long earphone wires that always wrap up and get tangled up.
  8. hair slides – use a medicine pill container/ glass pot/ or TIC TAC box for those grips that always get lost keep them together and organised in a pot.
  9. order free samples to try online – this way you can try the free toothpaste the tiny version sample they got you and use that for your holiday save taking the big pot of toothpaste.
  10. take small sample sachets of food/protein/PB to add to food and snack on along the trip.

OOO BONUS – Extra Hack! – on your spotify app, when at home download your music to the offline mode, then when you are on the plane on flight mode with no wifi you can still play the music!

thank you for reading and hope this has helped, let me know any of your favourite tips below in the comments..
                        much love J x

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