Gorgeous Gel

So as i promised i would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.

The next product i want to tell you about is the Aloe Vera MSM gel. The cool, thick gel can be applied to any aches and pains and ive tried cuts too! To help soothe pain. i have also tried it on my pets; my guinea pig had a cut and it helped loads healing it quickly. 

As an athelte i use many things like ibuprofen gels and cremes for recovery and now i have this gel, like the lotion, i can really tell the difference. I tend to blend the gel and lotion together and apply on aches and pains. 

Name – MSM gel
Size – 118ml
Price – £19.53
Colour bottle – Grey label 

The gel is a clear, quite a thick based product, you dont need to apply a lot which is great, it has a cool temperature to it, it has of course added aloe which helps relieve you of stresses and strains on your bones and joints, and can be applied before or after exercise, it can also be great for massages. 

I love this gel i love to use post and pre workout. I feel like this gel relieves pain immediately when im so achy it helps a lot, The price is more than i thought it would be for this product i was probably expecting around £13 like the heat lotion. And if i had to choose one to help my aches i would choose the heat lotion over the gel. You have to try the gel to understand and to see if it helps you. 

Remember these are all my own opnions and reviews, you must research and try yourself, but i fully recommend this second product i have tried and im excited to try the rest.. trial two complete 
Thanks again for reading see you in trial three!
                          Much Love J x

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