Dinky Drinks

So as i promised i would be doing reviews and looking into the Forever Living Aloe Vera products.
The second product i want to talk about is the Aloe Vera drinks there are several  aloe drinks, the main aloe vera drink is the thick gel, which lots of the purest form of aloe in, this is also available in the ‘on the go’ sachets which is like 1 and a half shots of the main aloe vera gel to take about with you and then there is the aloe energy drinks. 

As an athelte i need to keep up my hydration, and health of course from the inside to the outside.. These drinks vary with their health benefits, from helping bones, helping joints and muscles, helping digestion, helping gain energy and also detoxing. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel drink tub

Size – 1 litre

Price – £21.62

Colour bottle – Yellow bottle and brown lid.  

What does this one do for me?

Forever aloe vera gel ideal for digestive aid, helping you from the inside. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel energy drinks

Size – 250ml per can 

Price – £31.75 for 12. 

Colour bottle – red and silver cans, sugar and sugar free versions

What does this one do for me?

Blend of herbs and nutrients, high in vitimins B6 and B12 helping with reduction of tiredness and fatigue perfect for those tackling a day at work and then more work, or sport a great pic me up, sugar free versions available. 

Name – Aloe Vera Gel drink on the go sachets two versions. 

Size – 88.7ml per pouch 

Price – aloe 2 go – £68.88 for 30 pouches the freedom 2 go – £95.60 for 30 pouches. 

Colour bottle – White sachet for aloe2go and blue sachet for aloe freedom forever gel to go. 

What does this one do for me?

Aloe2go – basically the forever aloe vera gel that is in the litre tub that i spoke about first has been made into a sachet on the go form to take with you on your travels for an easy go to pick me up. 

Aloe2freedom – basically the freedom forever gel contains aloe gel with added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM which can help your bones and joints. This can be bought in a litre form or these on the go sachets. 

These drinks are all a clear/yellow colour usually quite thick to drink, the energy drinks are more like pop. 

I have to honestly say i hate the taste! you only take a shot or two a day but its hard, i have to take it quickly alongside another drink. I dont even like the taste of the flavoured ones (orange/pomegranate) i have to be honest its so hard to swallow and can make me feel a little sick, the fact i know its doing me so good on the inside helps me get it down. I recommend that you always have a drink close by and refrigerate the drinks. 

I love the energy drinks they taste like monster energy drinks without all the calories so thats brill and i really felt a difference i was really alert and ready for my day. I would not personally drink energy drinks alot so i wouldnt buy these all the time and as for the gels i do think they are amazing and fully reccomend them and at one point in my life when maybe im a little tougher i would be willing to take a shot of it every day but for now the taste just overwhelms me to much!

Also another opnion – my boyfriend tried the drinks he said ” ”

Remember these are all my own opnions and reviews, you must research and try yourself, but i fully recommend this first product i have tried and im excited to try the rest.. trial one complete 

Thanks again for reading see you in trial three!
                          Much Love J x

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