Ahey Aloe! 

So some of you may already know this company some of you may not, but today i will be writing about the forever living products with aloe vera. Some of you may know a little about these already, or like myself only know a little about them but want to know more! 

I have recently been made more aware of these products and this company and i have been given products to trial and test and see if i like, to see if i would buy, and also to write about them and let you all know what they are about. 

I am excited to try them, i got quite a few items to try, this post is just a little introduction but expect more blog posts of my outcomes and my reviews on the products. I always write the truth what i truly think and what i truly beleive and if i believe in this product then i will tell you.

Just a note –  (i am not being paid for this, and im not selling. These are all my own opnions and views and i always suggest you should try and do your own test and research too)

So the products i have been given to try –

  1. Sample sachets of a mix of lotions and creams
  2. Aloe fluride free toothpaste
  3. Aloe lips – lip balm
  4. Freedom 2 go sachet
  5. Aloe to go sachet
  6. ARGI+ sachet x2 
  7. Bee pollen tablets
  8. Fab active boost energy drink
  9. Fab active energy drink – sugar free version
  10. Msm gel
  11. Heat lotion
  12. Aloe drink gel 1litre tub – daily shot drink. 
  13. 3 magazines and 2 brochures

So very excited to get started and to try all of these things, and review them all. Let me know if you have tried any of these or any other products.. let me know if you use or would like to try Forever Living Aloe Vera products. But for now see you in the outcome posts and let the trials begin! 
Thanks again for reading and have a     happy, healthy day 

                              much love J x

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