what does this mean?

a PT is a Personal Trainer.

who is a PT?
i am, (a qualified PT at Level 3) but you can find a PT at many gyms at colleges away or online.
what do you do?

as a PT i am there to help instruct someone, show someone and teach someone during a gym session. these sessions are usually 1 to 1 based, in usually a private area or studio, sometimes a gym, and it is one to one support and guidance during training. a PT should advise the best way to train, be safe in the gym, and teach the correct ways in order to learn and then for the client to repeat themselves. i am also diet and nutrition qualified so this means i give advice on diet and nutrition throughout my sessions too.
where do you do it?

i personally work in my mums private studio based at our house, so its rather easy to get to work, my mother is level 4 qualified PT and also a nutritionist. she has her clients in at certain times and i have them at other times, we share this space. which is filled with lots of gym equipment, machines, weights, motivational pictures, banners and quotes.
how do you do it?

there are many personal training course you an take at local colleges and online google it and see what is best for you always make sure you do your own research you can do level 2 and level 3.
do i enjoy it?

OH YES! i sure do it makes me very happy doing it myself and making others happy i really do enjoy it. i don’t regret a thing and am hoping for so much more out of this career in the near future, read my career post and gymchicks post for more information and background on this part of my life.

thank you for reading guys, any more information you need email me at
                             much love J x

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