Career Changes?!

So many of you have been asking me how i got to this stage and how i got to start blogging and what do i actually do full time..
well here are the answers..

Basically after secondary school i went onto to do my A LEVELS at a Grammar School i gained three A LEVELS here, then i went onto my first year at university and started my teaching degree.

I only completed my first year as i was put off by it during my time working in school, and the study, at this point in my life, this is sad i know but i thought i couldn’t cope and that i wouldn’t make a good teacher, so i changed my course and became a teaching assistant which i did for 3 years and loved it very much mainly working in early years, but throughout my whole time there i really did enjoy it.

This year has been a whirl wind for me as not only have i worked in school but my ideas on career and change, have just been all over, i looked into studying and part-time work so i could change and get more excitement and variety into my life, i simply wanted a change, i looked at part time work in nurseries and into secondary schools, i fancied a change and a challenge!

Since July i have been studying lots i have gained a Personal Trainers level 3 qualification and i have completed a Diet and Nutrition course to go along side this. I’m hoping to set up my own mini business with this, alongside my mums personal training business, i could be quite happy doing bits of this around other work. (if you are interested in personal training feel free to contact me now i am set up and ready to go!)
I also started my blog on the 5th July, which i love doing, i love writing and expressing my feelings and thoughts it really helps me and hopefully it helps other people, i don’t care about blogging for the money, its a hobby i enjoy even though it has been very popular and successful; and even now ‘my trending stories’ that is based in America has also asked me to write for them, which i am doing, to get my name and blog out there which is all very exciting. i’m just happy i’m sharing ideas and doing something i enjoy.

Also on the 10th of October i went for a job at a local secondary school and i was successful.. i got the job! i was very chuffed, and very excited for this change and a new beginning and fresh start. this job is part-time hours so i will be able to continue with my own training, my personal training clients and my blog, it then is a mix of exciting things in my life!

So now with this new job and my qualifications. I’m very excited to keep up my hard work, i do believe in working hard for your career, people notice this and respect this. i believe it happens, if you make it happen, every action has a reaction and its time to make this happen..

So there is a brief summary on my career for those who are interested, if not sorry for the boring post! Let me know your career goals and where you are heading in the comments below..

Thanks for reading, Much Love J x


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