Living Life – Life Hacks

So one thing i love to do is look up and watch on youtube life hacks. why? cause its amazing what we don’t know and what is so little yet can help us so much in day to day life, here are my top 10 life hacks for you that i have found to be great, go try them out..

  1. To remove the stem of a strawberry use a straw.
  2. Use hair grips/clips to hold those annoying long earphone wires that always wrap up!
  3. Put your straw through the metal tab on a can to keep it from moving out (yes there is more use to it then opening the can)!
  4. Put your phone in a glass to amplify the sounds/music or alarm.
  5. End your shower on cold, this then helps your blood flow, refresh you more, and close your pores helping keep dirt out of your skin, will help prevent blackheads and spots.
  6. To stop a sneeze – when you feel the sneeze coming tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
  7. When going on holiday tie a brightly coloured ribbon or some tag that stands out then you know its your case.
  8. In the bottom of your bin add newspaper, to soak up or the juices and liquids to prevent a messy bin.
  9. Dont want to spend money on metallic lip colours, just mix metalic/glitter eyeshadow with vaseline and wallah! New lip gloss!
  10. Get an old milk carton and put lots of small holes in the lid, you have now made a DIY watering can.

Theres a few life hacks, let me know in the comments below if you tried some, and anymore you know off or have seen?!
                          Much Love J x

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