Real Routines Ep.1 – Skin

so day to day life real routines, something that happens everyday, what can’t you go a day without doing?
Todays Topic is Skin, my real routine would have to be my body care washing, my moisturising and daily care for my skin.

  1. firstly i don’t wear make-up everyday because it is bad for the skin.
  2. but when i do i make sure the first part of my routine is taking it off using cotton wool pads, a non oil make up remover and an oil based one to remove extra dirt, like tough mascara too, my favourites would have to be garneir micellear water and they have an oil based one too. One pink bottle, one blue. i apply them to cotton wool pads and then wipe of my make up in circular motions scrubbing at my eyes and eyebrows to get every last piece of make up off.
  3. next i will use a face wipe to get into any corners, nooks or crannies i say, to get any extra bits of make up off and to wipe clean my face again.
  4. next i will either get in the shower or fill the basin with warm water, i then wash my face with a gentle face wash (twice a week i will use an exfoliating face wash or mit) i then rinse my face with the warm water and then rinse again with cold water to close my pores.
  5. after i dab my face with a towel.
  6. then again my cotton wool pads – in the day time i use a simple day time moisturiser as its not too thick and greasy and i can apply make up over the top of it,
  7. if its the evening time before bed i will apply a Nivea cream with is a night creme and is usually thicker and longer lasting.
  8. i rarely use face masks but when i do i like to get a nice fruity refreshing one and make sure i clean my face thoroughly before and after.
  9. i add eczema creme onto some parts of my skin when they are extra dry and cracking.
  10. i use hand creme every day as i have eczema on my hands, i also use a body moisteriser thick lotion before bed maybe once a week all over my body more regularly after holiday to keep hold of my tan.
  11. also with being a runner i have to moisturise and look after my feet (i will do another post on this regime called fancy feet check it out soon)
  12. i make sure i am always washing and moisturising my skin it can be affected by a lot of things in the air.
  13. make sure you don’t exercise wearing make up and always take make up off after a night out, and before you get into bed!
  14. Also drinking lots of water always helps the skin also green tea.
  15. And changing your bed sheets often, they hold lots of hidden dirt.

hope this helps you for tips and with your regimes, and looking after your skin. What do you do? What are your favourite tips? What products do you use? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading guys..
much love J x



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