Struggle Sleeping?

struggling to sleep..what might you be doing to your body?!
there are many affects to sleep deprivation such as;

  1. irritably and cognitive impairment, very moody.
  2. memory lapse or loss
  3. severe yawning
  4. hallucinations
  5. weakened immune system
  6. risk of diabetes type 2 and heart disease
  7. increased heart rate and blood pressure
  8. decreased accuracy
  9. tremors, aches and accident prone
  10. risk of obesity and eight gain
  11. decrease temperature
  12. triggers depression

so you want to hit those zzz’s little quicker, my recommendations are here, my top 15 would be..
prep your body, take a hot bath, use bubbles, candle light, close your eyes and deep breathe.

listen to slow, relaxing music through your headphones, blocking out louder noise, focus on the sounds or words you hear.

dimmed light! a biggie for me the better the dimmed light is the more relaxing try making your room dimmed or pitch black.

blackout blinds, i have black out blind keeping all light out keeping my room darker.

keep the room cool, people drift of to sleep better when the room is cooler rather than hotter (we all like the cold side of the pillow right?)

writing a diary or to do list – if its things on your mind you may need to write them down to get them out of your mind and onto paper. you can remind yourself in the morning but for now sleep..

aromatherapy oils, when my dad was in hospital and my family struggled sleep we would place aromatherapy oils on our pillows usually smelling of lavender to help us drift off.

yoga and meditation simply help the body to destress and relax helping you feel calmer and sleep better.

avoid naps they mess up your sleep clock, your body won’t know when its day or night.

try and go to sleep or to bed the same time every night your body will create a routine and know at this time of night you must go to sleep (our bodies are very clever..)

turn of electronic devices, iPads and phones social media devices, don’t talk or chat to people its a distraction.. maybe, sometimes its good to use the television though to help you drift of watching that silly show, this is also known to help..

make sure you do have a good mattress, and pillows, and clean sheets, these little things make a difference we all know how good the “clean bed sheet” feeling is.

again exercise! i know I’m always talking about it but its good for your sleep! your body will be tired and needs it rest..

cut down on tea and coffee, these are stimulants and will keep you awake if you need a shot drink before bed try a milky drink or herbal tea.

eating too much interrupts sleep also so don’t over indulge to much late on, also smoking affects your sleep too!

Let me know if any of these help, and let me know what you do to help you sleep already..

happy sleeping, much love J x

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