Favourite Followings

So following my idols post as promised a post on my favourite people to follow!

my favourite things/people to follow on social networking sites. just an idea of what i like and what i am interested in. if you have any suggestions on who i should follow and what you think i would like please leave a comment below!

Facebook tops

  1. The Vigilantes
  2. Framfest
  3. This Girl can Run
  4. BodyMoves
  5. The Lad Bible
  6. Brad and Jen
  7. This Morning (News)

Instagram tops

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Mo Farah
  3. Jessica Ennis Hill
  4. Fitness on Toast
  5. Ultraviolet Official
  6. Adrienne Tmm
  7. Jessie J
  8. The Ultraviolet 

Twitter top ones

  1. UK runchat
  2. Uberfacts
  3. Women’s Running
  4. Linford Christie
  5. Aliceldm
  6. Christian Delgrosso
  7. Jen Selter

Snapchat top ones

  1. Megan Mckenna
  2. Dannielle Armstong
  3. Lolo Jones
  4. Tally Rye
  5. Chessie King
  6. Victoria Spence
  7. Cian Towney

Youtube top ones

  1. PHfit
  2. Zanna Van Dijk
  3. Brittany Dawn
  4. GraceFitUK
  5. Hazel Wallace
  6. Progress Pure
  7. Zoella
  8. Elle Darby

Most of these are fitness yes, as i love to look at food, sports people and fitness fanatics, for inspiration and its what I’m interested in. i also love music and following artist. tag a women below in the comments who inspires you! creating women empowerment! and of course follow me i will follow back, thanks for reading once again!

happy following

    much love J


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