Aquashow Aquapark

We have visited Aquashow in Quentaria Portugal in the Algarve we travelled about 50 minutes from our villa to get there.

We got qued up, parked and got in. It was super busy. We then found a patch of grass to set up ‘camp’, we marked our territory as we laid our towels and bags down.

Once we were suncreamed up we tookthe plunge  on the best ride there, (well in my opnion it is). Its the longest water roller coaster in Europe and its awesome so fast, twists and turns in water and out, and a massive dip where your belly feels like its left up in the air when you come to the floor. we all went on that and loved it, after that we strolled round veiwing all the rides and water rides.

This park is a mix of normal rides and water rides. Me, kiz, joe and dad had a ride on the slippery slopes which is basically rows of the same slide side by side, you sweep down super fast and into a pool.

After that Joe, kiz and dad went on thewhite  fall which is a massive triangular slide where you sit in a ring and are dropped off one side and whooshed over to the other going back and forth, before sliding into a pool the drop is high and everyone holds onto there rings with there life.

I recorded this day on my new canera, and this ride so go check it out on my youtube channnel for the videos of my days here.

After this it was 12 o clock where we sat had some lunch, chatted and sunbathed  then we spent hours on rides and queing eating ice cream and lollies. And spent a crazy 7 and a half hours there.

It was a brilliant day for all the family a massive mix of rides for different thrill seekers. We all loved it, you walk loads so its a tiring day but so so worth it so if your visting The Algarve soon i fully recommend this place – Aquashow!

any questions just leave me a comment below,

happy holidays
Much Love J x


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